Vege Wars

This is a short story of complete randomness. Who shall win the war of the veges??? Will it be the courageous broccoli? Or will it be audacious brussel sprouts? Read to find out…


2. the last fight

There swords were swinging back and fourth with so much friction. Clash after clash. Bang after bang. Slice after slice. They were in it to win it. There was green blood everywhere, but that didn't stop them. Sir knight broccoli lost a few of his bushes and sir knight brussel sprouts lost half his stem, making him shorter than he already is. Sir knight broccoli swung his sword and clashed it over sir knight brussel sprouts, the same way you crush garlic. Sir knight brussel sprouts was squished in defeat. Sir knight broccoli was the winner of the battle. The crowd roared long and hard. just as sir knight broccoli was about to hold his sword up to confirm that he won, a hand reached in the fridge and pulled him out. Sir knight broccoli was cooked in a stir fry. That meant that it was a tie.

Years later this courageous fight was still told to generation after generation. Fridge after fridge. Children chose not to like or enjoy either of the vegetables, sneaking them under the table for the dogs. Broccoli and brussel sprouts learnt to get along and share the taste of dogs.


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