The Girl in the Shadows

Clarity Aaron was a new girl at school. Being new, she was made fun of and bullied. Little did they know was that they pull her closer to the shadows. At the brink of the bullying, Xavier, a shy athlete, came to her rescue.


2. Xavier Woods

Name: Xavier Woods

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Personality: Kind, Funny, Athletic, and Shy

Family: Rene Woods (Mom), Daniel Woods (Dad), Zach Woods (Older Brother)

Best Friends: Eric Shane, Jake Wren, everyone on the football team, (soon to be Clarity Aaron)

Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Photography, and Art

Bio: When Xavier joined the Football team everything went south when he was found in the computer lab working on Photoshop. He was bullied slightly for being a nerd, but he never showed that to Clarity until she showed him her pictures. His oldest brother was killed in a motorcycle accident and was also the star football player. He always looks up to that.

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