The Girl in the Shadows

Clarity Aaron was a new girl at school. Being new, she was made fun of and bullied. Little did they know was that they pull her closer to the shadows. At the brink of the bullying, Xavier, a shy athlete, came to her rescue.


3. Chapter 1

    My alarm wakes me up from my peaceful sleep. For once there wasn't a sound from the local gun range by my house last night.

    It was my first day if school in Portland Oregon.

    After I got dressed in my stone-washed skinny jeans and my favorite off the shoulder teal shirt, I crept down the stairs trying not to wake up my dad. I reached up to grab the bread from the shelf when I heard something behind me.

   "BOO!!!" A voice yelled in my ear. I screamed before I saw who it was, my older brother Jesse.

   "Jesse, you know about not sc-" My voice was cut off by a loud yell from upstairs, my dad. I then head my mother calming him down with her soft, caring voice.

   My father was stationed in Iraq a week after I was born. I never knew about my dad. While some kids got letters or video-chat with their stationed parent, I never met him until my 12th birthday.

   When everyone was singing happy birthday to me, at the very end he crept up behind me to try and surprise me. He sure did surprise me. I screamed. I was terrified. He had a scar from his right shoulder down to the end of his hand.

   We found out two years later that my father was scarred mentally and physically. We thought he didn't need therapy, but after we found out Mom was expecting another baby, we knew he needed it. He went to the local treatment center. It was tough for him,but he knew it would be good for the baby.

   He was perfectly fine until the baby was born. Belle, the baby, would start crying causing my dad to crazy.

   We decided to move to Portland so we can move dad to a better treatment center.

   "Sorry Sis, I thought I could wake you up." Jesse chuckled.


  "Bye Sissy!" Belle called as she waddled over to the door.

  My mother walked over towards me and put her face into my hair.

  "I am sorry about your father." She whispered. 

   I hugged her and climbed into Jesse's car. We had to get rid of his old car before we moved, so this was his house warming present.

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