"Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders"
When I was little, I thought life was perfect. But now, everything is a lie. I face things every single day ever since my mom died. About 80 percent of them involve my dad. He wants me to be something that I'm not, and it's stupid. I can't change myself, but in order to appease to him, I made this compromise with him. This compromise was worse than what he wants me to actually be. I've got 99 problems. But you, Ashton, won't be one.



"Why did we go through the drive through for coffee?" Marlee asks as we walk into the school with our coffee.

"Because I wanted to get here early." I answer taking a sip of my pumpkin spice latte. Yay for September.

Marlee steps in front of me. "Well, can I at least show you what the she-devil texted me?" Shit, I forgot Amy texted her.

I stop in my spot. "What did she text you?"

"It's about her breakup with Ashton." She answers pulling out her phone.

My eyes grow huge. Of all people to talk about a breakup, Amy would text Mar.

She hands her phone to me and I look at the texts.

From: Amy Grace "IM REALLY SAD RIGHT NOW =( =("

To: Amy Grace "Uhh...Amy you never text me unless it's for cheerleading why are you sad?"


To: Amy Grace "sorry to hear, but can't we focus on other problems? Like why doesn't McDonalds serve breakfast after 10:30 am."

From: Amy Grace "I don't eat McDonalds."

I began cracking up so hard I began crying. "Oh my god! You are too good!"

"It's true!" She says as we arrive at my locker. I open it up and grab my Lit book. I open it up and pull out a piece of paper. "Here, read this." I tell Marlee handing her the paper and putting my books away.

She unfolds the paper and reads it. "And what is this for?" She asks handing it back.

"Ashton and I made a bet yesterday. He has to read three books by the end of the first semester." I shutter. "The wager was something I didn't want."

Marlee leans against the neighboring lockers. "What was it? Will the walrus sing at midnight?"

My eyes grow big at what she said. "Marlee Olsen the walrus will not sing at midnight!" After I said that, I sighed. "But, I won't be a lip virgin if he wins."

Marlee gasps. "So Connor Watson, the girl who won't even say yes when getting asked out to homecoming freshman year by a hot senior, having her first kiss with the high school badass who looks like he should get a haircut, Ashton Irwin?!"

I chuckle. He does have a mop of hair. "Mar, if I know anything about Ashton from over the weekend, it's that he loves punk rock, lost his virginity sophomore year, and he thinks he's Austin Powers."

"Who's Austin Powers?" The voice of Michael asks from behind me making me jump.

I turn around. "Long story short, I spent the night at Ashton's house Saturday." I answer.

After I said that sentence, Michael lays down on the ground underneath me. I give a concerned look. "Are you okay?"

He's still lying on the ground. That was, until Luke and Calum showed up. "Hey guys. So Marlee, how was-why is Mike on the ground?" Calum asks right off the bat.

We all stare down at him. "Can you please just tell us?" I ask curiously.

"I'm checking to see if Connor is still a virgin." That was when I kicked him in the head. "Ow, fuck! Why did you do that?!"

"You're an idiot." I mumble under my breath. Well, all of my friends are idiots, but they are my idiots.

"Well you spent the night at his house! What you guys even do?!" Luke asks. Ugh, will stop bombarding me with these fucking questions!

"He just gave me a ride to his house when I left the club because I saw Niall, Louis, and Harry there! And you guys were busy and Calum still doesn't have his fucking license!"

The four of them went silent. "Wait. Niall, Louis, and Harry are in town? I thought that..." Marlee begins but I cut her off.

"That's what I said, but they wanted to hang out together."

Everything was cut short when Ashton came up behind me scaring the shit out of me.

"Hey Connor." He said out of the blue making me jump.

I slap him with one of my textbooks. "Don't do that!"

"No, you can do that. Connor likes to shit her pants." Calum urges him on. Better watch your mouth, Hood, or I'm going to slap you with my textbook. "I got to get my stuff. I'll see ya at lunch, Con and Mar!" He says walking away.

Michael gets up and runs after him yelling, "Those are my nicknames for them!"

That left me, Marlee, Ashton, and Luke.

"I'm gonna get going." Luke says slowly walking away. Quickly after that, he grabs Marlee's arm. "I need to ask you something." He tells her pulling her away from my own help.

Because now it's me and Ashton.

He leans against the lockers. "So how was your night?" He asks me. Aren't we suppose to be like enemies? He wears tattered clothes, I wear t-shirts and shorts, he's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers. Oh, Taylor Swift.

"My dad grounded me." I tell him.

"Why?" He asks surprised. You can't tell him why you're grounded. But you can tell him what you're grounded from.

"He got mad at me for reasons." Leaving my "job" early. "I'm not allowed to go over to Marlee's."

"Well, how about we do something about that." He smirks. Getting off the lockers thinking someone might come and get their things.

"How about we not." I second his statement cringing at my terrible grammar speaking that sentence. "You can lean over here." I point to the locker on the other side of my locker. "Sam isn't here today."

He goes on the other side of my locker and leans up against Sam Waters locker. "Where is he?" He asks me.

"He's getting surgery on his foot." After I said that, his face cringes.

"Well, that sounds pleasant." He states.

"Kind of like in Honors Biology sophomore year Mrs. Moody talked to us about the process of a bone marrow transplant." I shiver remembering how I felt after that class.

His eyes go big. "You had Moody?" I nod slowly. "Lucky! I got stuck with fucking Dankers sophomore year. I fell asleep almost everyday."

"Well, I'm sorry for you." I say in fake sympathy. "And before I forget," I reach up to the top shelf and grab the piece of paper I gave to Marlee earlier. I hand it to Ashton. "For the bet." I smirk.

He unfolds it and reads it out loud. "'I, Ashton blank line with 'insert middle name here' Irwin, hereby sign this contract in agreement to the bet between Connor Liana Watson.' wait, your middle name is Liana?" He asked while in the middle of reading the contract.

I roll my eyes. "Keep reading." And he does.

"'I will do my part of the bet by reading three different books all before the first semester ends. I will agree to the following conditions that are accommodated when reading. One, it must not be a trilogy, but I can read one book in that trilogy.' Damn it, I can't read 'The Hunger Games'?"

This boy is getting on my nerves. I say nothing and he keeps going.

"'Two, I will not use Spark Notes to help me out. Three, once I finish reading, I will appear before Connor in front of her locker, locker 873 at Milson High School in Hill Creek, California, and she will ask me a series of questions..' What?! This contract is fucking bogus!" He yells.

"Do you want to do this bet?!" I ask in an impatient tone.

He sighs. "Yes." He monotones and finishes reading. "'If I succeed in reading three books and answering the questions with the correct answers by the end of the first semester, I have permission to kiss Connor on her lips (please note that Connor never kissed anyone). But if I fail, then I must join Connor and watch a movie based on a book for the books are better than the movies.' Alright, give me a damn pen." He demands holding his hand out.

I grab a pen out of my backpack and place it in his hand. He writes on the contract and hands it back to me folded up. "I'll see ya later." He winks and walks to his locker down the hall.

Once he was in the clear, i unfolded the contract. I learned three new things from that.

One, his middle name is Fletcher.

Two, his handwriting sucks.

Three, he is befriending me because underneath his signature on the line agreeing with the contract, he wrote "I need help in Calc. Study session after school? ;)"

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