"Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders"
When I was little, I thought life was perfect. But now, everything is a lie. I face things every single day ever since my mom died. About 80 percent of them involve my dad. He wants me to be something that I'm not, and it's stupid. I can't change myself, but in order to appease to him, I made this compromise with him. This compromise was worse than what he wants me to actually be. I've got 99 problems. But you, Ashton, won't be one.


8. Second guessing

Turn around. What was he saying by turn around.


No, I'm not the Lorax and I don't speak for the trees.

So back to what I was saying. I turn around and my eyes widen.

Ashton Irwin is here with Amy Grace. Suddenly, Amy looks over here and I jerk back around acting like nothing happened.

I then text what might be the longest text I sent to Ashton.

To: Ashton Irwin "why are you texting me when you are here with Amy and you are like 50 feet away from me?"

After I hit send, I go back to looking at the books. I leave the sci-fi area and head over to romance. But then that led me to the teen romance section. Well, if I'm a teen I might as well be in this part.

I grab one book that looks pretty good. "Anna and the French Kiss" by Stephanie Perkins. It seems like a good book.

And in that moment, my phone buzzes.

I pull it out of my pocket and read the message from the one and only Ashton.

From: Ashton Irwin "she wants me by her side the whole time plus she only dragged me here for the Starbucks that's in here. God, she gets on my nerves. I'm beginning to question why I ever dated her!!!"

As I go up to the checkout line with Marlee, I begin to write a message.

To: Ashton Irwin "then why don't you just"

That's all I got before I had to second the message I was about to send. I was going to say "why don't you just break up with her?" but then that wouldn't be right. If he breaks up with her because of that then it'll be all my fault.

"Miss?" The dude checking out my book snapped me out of my trance.

"Uh, yes?" I ask.

"You have been standing here for a while and you're holding up the line." He points back showing a growing large crowd and there are only two cashiers.

"Oh, sorry." I apologize taking the bag with my book and getting out. I was the first one out of Marlee and I to be done.

So I pull out my phone again and type the actual longest text I sent to Ashton.

To: Ashton Irwin "why don't you just talk to her about how you feel. If she understands then great! If not, don't come crawling to me about that. Tell her you need some alone time and that you need some time to hang out with your friends."

Please tell me this will work.

"Oh my god, Con." Marlee says as she approaches me. "That was the quickest I've ever seen you get a book!"

I laugh. "Well, we've actually been here for an hour." I remind her. It was 11:30 and I have only nine hours of freedom left. "So what book did you get?" I ask.

She opens her bag and pulls out "The Summer I Turned Pretty" by Jenny Han. "Oh my god, I read that trilogy already!" I tell her.

"Is it good?" She asks putting it away.

"It is." I answer. "Wanna get some lunch?"

"Sure. Subway?"

"You know me."

As we are exiting, my phone goes off. I open the message and my jaw drops.

Marlee grabs my wrist and looks at the message. "Well, at least I'll hear something better than Amy's bitchy voice at practice on Monday."

From: Ashton Irwin "I don't think I'm going to do that. I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago. I'm going to break up with Amy."

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