"Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders"
When I was little, I thought life was perfect. But now, everything is a lie. I face things every single day ever since my mom died. About 80 percent of them involve my dad. He wants me to be something that I'm not, and it's stupid. I can't change myself, but in order to appease to him, I made this compromise with him. This compromise was worse than what he wants me to actually be. I've got 99 problems. But you, Ashton, won't be one.


1. Prologue-Connor

Connor Watson.

Now that's a name you'd find in probably a big time football jock with luscious blonde locks, blue eyes, and those big muscles. Has all the girls swooning over him like he should be in that "Color Me Swoon" coloring book from Urban Outfitters. Total player, most popular kid in all of high school. But has a loving family that supports him through whatever is thrown at him.

Yeah, that kind.

But Connor Watson is a totally opposite person from what I described he would be like.

First off, Connor here is a she.

And second, she is me.

I'm not sporty nor popular; I'd rather read in a corner than run around or socialize.

I don't have gorgeous blonde hair or blue eyes; I have long, dark mud brown hair and green eyes.

And the worst part, I don't have a loving family; the maids at my house are the only ones who I could call "family".

Well, now that you know my name and basically almost every fucking problem I have, let's get this little story on the road.

But first, proper introduction.

I'm Connor Liana Watson. I'm 18 years old, I'm from suburban California, I'm a senior in high school, and I wish my father didn't exist sometimes.

I hate my dad. He's the reason I was put into this position of no loving family. My mother died when I was 12, and I miss her everyday. Her death not only affected my dad, but it showed his true side; cunning, ominous, and is all about money. Which is why he does what he does today. And in order to keep my place in the house, I have to work at his business. You'll find out what he does later.

But the one reason I thank him is for buying me books. When I was little, I could read a level above the average reading level for a first grader. I would always ask for some books for Christmas, but I haven't been getting much as of now. But I would buy my own with my own money but as of now, I'm going broke. So lately I've been going to the library.

In fact, let's start this story off the day I discovered hope when all was lost.

And by that, I'm talking about the day the high school badass, Ashton Irwin, came into my life.


So my first 5SOS fanfic! So I created Connor to have the same sense of sarcasm that I have. So basically, Connor is semi-based off of me, except for other things. Like her sarcasm and love for reading. Except I didn't start that advanced. I was probably able to read above the average level a third grader would read when I began my love for reading. Thanks JK Rowling.

So Ashton is the main dude in this. Why? He's my favorite member of 5SOS. I was thinking about this: when I started writing 1D fanfics, I started with my two favorite members; Niall and Louis (I'm a Louis girl). When I started writing Doctor Who fanfics, I started with Eleven when my favorite Doctor is Ten. Now I'm starting 5SOS, and I'm beginning with my favorite member Ashton. How is this relevant? I suck at this.

So can't wait to write this!!


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