"Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders"
When I was little, I thought life was perfect. But now, everything is a lie. I face things every single day ever since my mom died. About 80 percent of them involve my dad. He wants me to be something that I'm not, and it's stupid. I can't change myself, but in order to appease to him, I made this compromise with him. This compromise was worse than what he wants me to actually be. I've got 99 problems. But you, Ashton, won't be one.


20. prehomecoming

Once the day ended, I went up to my room and began reading while cuddling my new giraffe, whom I haven't named yet because it's impossible.

My phone goes off for a Facebook notification and I see apparently Marlee is online. So I decide to talk to her since everyone else is busy.


Connor Watson: I know :)


Connor Watson: too early to ship, Mar! Besides, we aren't even a thing.

Marlee Olsen: I know, but ugh I'm becoming some of the cheerleaders in the squad when a girl talks about another guy.

Connor Watson: so you didn't tell them about your slight interest in Luke?

Marlee Olsen: no, but they already are shipping me and him and I hate it.

Connor Watson: wait how can hey be shipping you two when you didn't tell them?

Marlee Olsen: oh yeah you weren't there. Check my Insta profile. Recent picture.

Connor Watson: okay.

I go to the Instagram app and to her profile. Her latest picture was of her and Luke. He asked her to homecoming during her regular chemistry class.


Marlee Olsen: I don't even know what half of them mean.

Connor Watson: I'll tell you another time.

Marlee Olsen: thanks. OMFG what if the girls asked if the walrus sings at midnight after homecoming?

Connor Watson: tell them it's none of their business.

Marlee Olsen: it's Amy's. When I joined the cheer squad she said that to continue some dumbass tradition, we have to say when we lose our virginity.

Connor Watson: wow that's stupid.

Marlee Olsen: it is. But hey you should bring Ashton with you to Cal's house.

For the past two weeks, Calum has been talking about having a prehomecoming party at his house for only the people going and maybe their parents to take pictures. Of course, I was invited.

Connor Watson: I'll tell him.

I go to my messages and text him.

Me: Hey. So for homecoming, Calum Hood is having a preparty and I was invited before so do you want to go with me there?

Ashton Irwin: sounds fun. Better than going to one of the cheerleader's houses like the last two years for these dances.

Me: Cal's parents are really nice. You'll love them.

Ashton Irwin: okay. By the way, what color is your dress? Little birdy told me you already got one.

Me: uhh...hold on.

I check my closet for my dress and I find it.

Me: it's like a periwinkle purple. Why?

Ashton Irwin: You'll find out at homecoming.



After a full week of festivities, a great homecoming football game, it's the night of the dance. A surprise came about last night for the homecoming court as two of my best friends are this year's King and Queen. That's right. Luke and Marlee are homecoming king and queen!

"Oh my god, Con, you look gorgeous!" Marlee squeals as I walk out of my room in my homecoming attire: my periwinkle purple dress with sheer sparkles and sparkly heels. "Come over here, let me do your hair and makeup before I put my dress on."

I walk back into my room and over to my desk and she begins my makeup. "So are you excited?"

"More like nervous." I chuckle and she splatters my face with foundation. Metaphorically.

"Is it because this is your first time at a dance? With a date?" She asks referring to Ashton.

"Yes. And yes. Well you're going with Luke. So be happy!" I tell her.

"Yeah, I know. Literally this is going to be the best night ever. Next to senior prom when it happens." She begins to put eyeliner on my eyes. "Alright, here are my rules that I don't know if you'll follow about homecoming: no bumping, no grinding, and if you and Ashton slow dance, make room for Jesus."

"Mar, that's my saying." I tell her with a laugh referring to "make room for Jesus".

"Still." She says finally putting lipstick on me and then taking out her hair curler and heating it up. "But wait, aren't you two still on that bet?"

I nod. "I'll remind him if he does try to kiss me." I say and she begins to curl my hair and tries to figure out how to style it. In the end, she just left my hair down. She instructs me to go look at myself in the mirror and I do so. Once in front of my mirror, my mouth drops.

I look beautiful.

"Mar, you're a miracle worker." I exclaim in awe.

She smirks. "Ashton is going to drool over you."

I roll my eyes. "We're going as friends."

"He asked what color your dress was."

"So he could probably get a similar colored tie and such."

"He might get you a corsage."

"At least Audrey made me buy that boutonnière for him."

"Same color scheme?"

"Yes, Mar."

She laughs and goes to get changed into her dress: a strapless forest green dress with a black bow around her waist and black heels. She does her hair, makeup, and puts on her homecoming queen sash and crown just in time for Mrs. Olsen to call us down.

We walk carefully downstairs as Marlee's parents and my dad and maids look at us in awe. "You girls look beautiful." Mr. Olsen says. My dad nods in agreement. Hannah then requests that before Luke and Ashton get here that Mar and I get some pictures together. So we walk over into my living room and take some pictures. A few normal and some silly like the "squad" pose. After we finished, the doorbell rang and to my surprise, my dad answers. After a few minutes, into the living room comes Luke wearing a black dress shirt and a dark green tie with his homecoming king sash and crown. His parents follow after.

Behind them was Ashton. He was wearing a white dress shirt with a periwinkle purple tie. When he made eye contact with me, he immediately walks over to me. " look..." He says in awe. I smile widely at the fact he's speechless. "You look beautiful."

"Ahem, only I can say that." My dad says, keeping up the "I'm always there for my daughter even though I practically use her to help me with sex things at my real work" act, but it earned a chuckle from me. A rarity.

But I turn back to Ashton. "Thanks. You look dapper." I tell him and notice he had a plastic container and inside it, was a corsage.

It had purple flowers on it and a purple ribbon. "My mom told me to get you one."

"That's funny because Hannah told me to get you a boutonnière." I chuckle.

"Go get it! Luke and Marlee and doing their thing and I want to get pictures of you two." Hannah squeals. She's talking about how Marlee and Luke are doing the corsage and boutonnière thing. That's when Audrey comes in with a plastic box similar to the one Ashton is holding but with a different flower. She hands it to me and I open it taking the flower out.

"So where do I put it?" I ask just casually holding the flower and needle in my hand unsure of what to do.

"On the left side of him facing away." My dad says and for the first time, I take his advice and pin the boutonnière onto Ashton's shirt only poking myself with the needle once. I'm pretty sure everyone got a good picture of my reaction.

Then Ashton takes the corsage out of the box it was in and sets the box down. "I need your left hand." He tells me and I hold in out for him. He takes my hand and slides the corsage onto my wrist.

I swear everyone has enough pictures at this moment for an entire Facebook album later.

"You two are so adorable." Mrs. Olsen says as Luke and Marlee walk over to us by my fireplace. "Alright couples photos!"

"Mom, we aren't couples. We're all going as friends." Marlee says.

"But please can we get some before you guys go to Calum's? It's your senior year." Hannah says. With that, Luke goes behind Marlee and Ashton goes behind me, both wrapping their arms around our waists. I don't know what to do so I'm just standing there with Ashton's hands around my waist.

"Put your hands over mine." Ashton whispers in my ear and I do so, putting on a smile for the cameras. Literally everyone is taking pictures I feel like it's the paparazzi.

Once all of the pictures were done, I said goodbye to Hannah, Audrey, and my dad and we left for Cal's house. He finally manned up and he's taking Odelia to homecoming and Mike is still with Amber even though he still wants to break up with her. Ashton said his parents are going to be there for a little bit because Nicole is going with a junior named Ian Zollos. He's apparently on the varsity football team.

I was ready for a night with my friends.

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