"Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders"
When I was little, I thought life was perfect. But now, everything is a lie. I face things every single day ever since my mom died. About 80 percent of them involve my dad. He wants me to be something that I'm not, and it's stupid. I can't change myself, but in order to appease to him, I made this compromise with him. This compromise was worse than what he wants me to actually be. I've got 99 problems. But you, Ashton, won't be one.


21. one of the best

A lot of people would say that homecoming was either a bomb or a drag, but I can say that it was amazing. I got to dance with my friends and even though like the only slow song that was played was Drops of Jupiter by Train, I still danced with Ashton. My first time slow dancing with a guy. The only time I got down and dirty at the dance was when that gas pedal song came on and he asked if I wanted to at least try to be in the middle with him (he's had some experience there obviously because hello. Amy). So I did.

I felt really dirty after that.

But anyways, the dance ended and we all went home. Ashton drove up to my house and offered to walk me up to my front door.

I look up at him and smile. "Thank you for a really fun night." I say.

"It's my pleasure." He replies. We were silent for about a moment until he began to lean in. Without thinking, I began to lean in too.

But it was almost when our lips were about to touch that I put my finger on his lips stopping him.

"Our bet?" I whisper to him. His eyes widen remembering now.

"Sorry." He says. But then his face lights up like he had an idea. "Tilt your head any way."

I raise an eyebrow but just play along with it and tilt my head. He leans over and puts his lips on my neck.

"Ashton, I said no kissing!" I say as he's still kissing my neck.

"The contract said I would kiss your lips. It never said your cheek, forehead, or neck." He says and I can feel him smirk against my skin.

Ugh, he's right.

I just sigh as he continues to kiss my neck. Just think of random things until he's done, Connor. The fercula is also the wishbone in the bird. Puritans took attendance at church on Sunday. Radical equations. As I was thinking of more things, suddenly something comes out of my mouth. Ashton looks up with a smirk.

"What was that?" I ask.

"You just moaned my name. I hit your sweet spot." He says. Shit. I go beet red. "Connor I'm not mad or laughing at you. It was kind" Oh god, I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks.

"Okay I got to go inside. See ya later, Ash." I say before kissing his cheek and rushing inside.

Once inside, I kick off my shoes and run upstairs. I strip out of my dress and throw on my pjs and wash all of my makeup off. I look in the mirror and see that I definitely did blush a lot. There was a light purple-ish mark on my neck, and from experience with a father like mine, my mouth drops. It was a small hickey.


I go back into my room and plop onto my bed and pull out my phone. My Facebook notifications were blowing up because since I'm friends with Hannah and Audrey on there, they tagged me in pictures they took earlier of Ashton and I. It was captioned:

"I saw this girl grow up right before my very eyes, and tonight she went to her school's homecoming with a date for the first time. Her mother is smiling down on her tonight."

I shed a tear, then two, then begin to sob. That literally made me miss my mom tonight. I wish she was here to see me and Ashton go off, but she was. In spirit.

I look through some more pictures that I was tagged in: basically Luke, Mar, Cal, Mike, Amber, and Nicole all tagged me in pictures. Even Ian and I'm not even friends with him but a few moments later he requested a friend request and I accepted it. He was a really nice guy and I approve of him for Nicole.

Just then I got one more notification relating to Ashton. He tagged me in a post.

"Probably one of the best homecoming dances I've been to in forever."

There were a couple of pictures of us. My favorite would have to be the one that the adults got after I poke myself in my finger trying to put on his boutonnière. I save that picture along with one of everyone at Cal's house and decide to post it to Facebook and Instagram with the caption:

"Getting ready for the night of nights. Homecoming with some of the best."

I tagged Ashton in both of them along with everyone else. Soon enough I got a couple of likes on them and a few comments.

Then I decide to text Ashton.

To: Ashton "you're gonna pay for that small hickey you gave me."

From: Ashton "it could've been worse. Could've been more purple."

To: Ashton "suck a dick."

From: Ashton "gladly ;)"

To: Ashton "I'm going now. Michael and Cal are doing a stupid younow thing and I'm gonna watch them randomly."

I turn off my phone and decide to watch Mikey and Cal do random shit on this younow until two in the morning. At that time, I slowly started to drift away into a deep sleep.


I woke up at ten in the morning. Once I was fully up, I take a shower, get dressed into a comfy t shirt and shorts, and put my hair into a braid. I go downstairs to the smell of fresh chocolate chip pancakes and I know Hannah is cooking.

But when I turned into the corner, I didn't see Hannah.

Not Audrey even though no offense she's not the best at pancakes.

It was Alice Howell from the club.

In an oversized shirt.

Was she with dad?

Bet ya didn't think I'd bring back Alice. Haha.

So this Thursday to Saturday I'm in Indiana for BOA grand nationals so there won't be any updates. I'll be having fun at Lucas Oil Stadium and trying not to die.

So that's all. Thanks for reading!

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