Embarassing moments with the Cps!

This is a collection of some weird and embarrassing moments with the Cps!
Trust me, they get REALLY WEIRD!


1. Jane and Justin Bieber??

Ok now everyone knows Jane looks like a phyco usually right? Well what me and Jeff found out will change your mind!!

So Jane hid Jeff's knife in her room usually Sally gets it but she is playing with BEN so Me and Jeff went in. Expecting to see knives in her room? Well you partially right! There was Justin Bieber stuff EVERYWHERE!! 

"This is scary!!" Said Jeff

"agreed! Lets just find your knife and GTFO!!"

We searched until Jeff screamed like a girl!! XD



Jeff: "I found a Justin Bieber kiss pillow!!"

Me: "And there is your knife and grab that kiss pillow!"

Jeff: "Why??"

Me: "Im going to put it in BEN'S room!"

Jeff: "Man that's evil! I LIKE IT!!" 

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