Embarassing moments with the Cps!

This is a collection of some weird and embarrassing moments with the Cps!
Trust me, they get REALLY WEIRD!



Ok this is probably the weirdest one!! 

     It was just the other day when I went into the house after killing. I went to Mine and Toby's room where I looked on my phone. There was a note taped to my phone saying 'This will make you laugh'! 

Anyway I looked on my phone to see EJ TWERKING!! (My face= 0.0)

After dinner I went back to Toby's room. I put on Miley Cyrus and I said "Hey EJ twerk to this!"

EJjumped into the table and twerked! Slender came in and said " EJ,child please stop acting like Miley Cyrus." Then Ej said "But Slendy,I need to exersice my butt!"  "I don't find that funny EJ"Said slender.  "You don't but I sure do!! XD" said Laughing Jack.

Then everyone but me,Slende and Lost Silver started having a twerk off. O.o

Eventually everyone stopped and Lost Silver started twerking in the corner singing Bubble Butt.

me: "Umm Silver everyone stopped twerking like 4 minutes ago."

Silver: "I know but my butt needs exersice too!"

Me: "Ok you didn't stutter so in going to take you serious. Ok have fun!"

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