Just Me

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3. Why

Sitting on the floor wondering why

Why don't I just be normal and cry

People are always saying they wish I was dead

So I grab my blades off of my bed

I have a variety of different kinds and lengths

Let's use my favorite

Its already on the sink

I put the blade gently to my skin

I drag it and press in

All over my blade and arm the blood seers

But I don't cry because the joy will soon be here

My heart rate is slowing

And my blood is still flowing

I grant your wish and hope your happy

For the rest of your life I hope is crappy

Did you ever think your words would kill

Anyways your a murderer still

Just like I have proven words can effect

This solution an apology could defect

One apology was all I needed

Then my life could have proceeded

But now I'm gone and one less waste of space

Why did you hate me if that's the case

Was it because you're popular

Was it the rank

Those were my last thoughts

Before my mind went blank.

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