Just Me

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8. Spur Of The Moment

This is a spur of the moment
For the people I hold dear
If I ever leave you
Don't shed a tear
I would've left for a reason
The reason isn't you
But my own selfish problems
I promise it's true
Just know I love you 
You're always in my heart
I cared for you always
From the very start
Let your life blossom
And your light shine
Be someone's sun
Cause once you were mine
Keep a smile on your face
Don't ever be blue
Just because the end of us
Could possibly be due
You made me happy
You made me sad
You gave me emotions again
For that i'm glad
But I feel I don't belong
So I must leave
Just don't forget me
And do not grieve
Keep my memory close
And remember once in a while
And i'll look down from above
Shed a tear and smile

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