Just Me

©Copyright 2015. All rights reserved to #Liam's_Batwoman. This Material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without prior written permission of the copyright holder.


1. Regret

You hurt me so badly, 

Now I want to die.

I'm sick of your crap,

I just want to cry.

You make me cut,

You're such a pain. 

Now my whole arm has been slain. 

There is

One cut,

Two cuts,

Three cuts,


A ton here, 


There are even a few more.

You have seen, 

Even heard what you have done.

Now you see me standing here,

About to jump off of this cliff.

Now you say every apology possible,

Now I should believe you?


I turn around,

Looking toward the cliff ground.

I lean forward,

And push off with my toes.

Then over the edge,

My whole body goes.

The ground is coming at me,

And it's coming really fast.




That one feeling.



Was my last.

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