To Love And Protect

*Based off the iPod app and named after it, so I mean no copyright infringement by doing that*
Shasta "Shane" Youngblood doesn't know who her father is and her mother won't tell her. Her life gets turned upside when something bad almost happens to her


1. What?!?

I pushed my textbook away from me, straining my brain over a difficult math problem. I sigh and head over to the window. It a nice day out, so I decide to shove my textbook in my book bag along with my other school things and my mac book. I lock my apartment up after I grab my iPhone and it's charger. I walk down the street and stop in front of a TV store. I begin watching the TV's. It's a news program about the President. A little girl says to her mother that she can't see. I tell the girl to  have my spot and she tells me thank, well sort of.

"Excuse me, may I get some directions?".

I turn towards a man in a dark suit. He's smiling at me, I can sense the creepiness around him. He's not a regular guy. I say, "Uh, directions, uh...yeah.". He pulls a gun out and says, "This was almost too easy, Shane.". How the hell does this guy know my name? I freeze in my tracks, staring down the barrel of the gun. I try to scream, but nothing comes out. Another man about four years older than me shows up out of no where.

"Hello, Shane.". I stare at him, how does he know my name? The other mystery man grabs the wrist of the other guy, trying to force the gun from the attacker. The attacker gets away and the other guy puts the gun in the waist band of his jeans. He says, "Goodbye, Shane." and then takes off. Not even twenty seconds later another guy in a suit walks up to me. He tells me to follow him and we both take off running. We run down an alley way and out towards an open space with a...a...helicopter. I begin to back away when once more a man walks up and stands behind me.

The guy behind me pushes me into the helicopter, while the other one pulls me in. After the guy behind me gets in he shuts the door or whatever they call it. He also says, "Sit down, Shane.". I try to process what's going on and then I just sucker punch him. He tells me to sit down again and this time I obey, not because I want to, but I don't want to sucker ounch that guy again. The other guy on my right takes my hand and tells me that we're almost to our destination.

The helicopter lands and the three of us step out. Oh my god, they took me to the White House! We walk in through a secret door and passage way, my mind racing as we walked. I am shoved through another door and into an office. It's the President's office! President Roberts walks through another door with another person. President Roberts and I talk a whille. The other man, Chadwick, leads me to a room with the other agents. The all introduce themselves, though I know a few of them already. 

One more agent slips in the room, the mystery man that helped me earlier. Chadwick says, "Ah, Agent Cooper. How nice of you to finally join us.". Agent Cooper smiles at me and introduces himself properly.  Chadwick looks at me once more and says, "You need to pick one of us as your main protector, Shane.".

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