To Love And Protect

*Based off the iPod app and named after it, so I mean no copyright infringement by doing that*
Shasta "Shane" Youngblood doesn't know who her father is and her mother won't tell her. Her life gets turned upside when something bad almost happens to her


2. I choose...Ellis Cooper

Chadwick just asked me to pick one of them as my full time protector. I stared around the room looking at each of them, then I walk out and head outside. Sure enough only two of them follow me. I smile and say, "Hello, Chadwick and Ellis.". Chadwick says, "Ms. Shane, please don't do that again.". I shake my head and say, a bit frustrated, "Why? I just found out who my father is and now you tell me to just pick a person I have never met to watch my every move very closely.".

Chadwick nods his head and the other agents have joined us outside. My friend Felix says, "Please, Shane. Only one of us is going to be with you all the time.".  I look at each of them again and then say, "Let me think a few minutes, please, you guys owe me that much.". I walk over to the fountain and take out my phone, because it had just begun beeping signaling a text message. I turn around and set on the fountain, still staring at the message. I take a deep shuddering breath. 

I can feel Ellis staring at me, all of them actually. I shakily say, "Noth-noth-nothing. A fri-fri-friend of mi-mine ju-just pass-pass-passed aw-away.". They all nod. I walk over to them once more, staring at them again. I suggest, "Let's just sit and talk. After that, I will choose one of you. Soldier's honor.". Chadwick nods and all of us head into a living room type area. Time sure flies when you're talking and having fun, so before I notice Chadwick says, "It's six o'clock. Time to choose one of us.". 

"Whoever I choose will be with me 24/7?".


"Will whoever I choose wear the Secret Service uniform out in public?".

"No, but only if President Roberts is out in D.C.".

I nod again and thank Chadwick for answering the questions I just asked. I lean my head back and pinch the bridge of my nose, thinking about my choices.  I keep thinking of all of them, but the only one stands out in my mind; Agent Ellis Cooper. The reason he stands out more is because, I guess he was the first one that I met other than Felix.

I straighten up and say, "I have chosen.".

"Who is it?".

I take a deep breath and say, "Agent Ellis Cooper.". Everyone, but Ellis is shocked. Chadwick nods his head and says, "I will tell President Roberts immediately.". He leaves and the others, except Ellis leave. I throw my hands in the air and say, "Finally, Chadwick is gone. He's not annoying me anymore". Ellis smiles and says, "Thanks for picking me, Shane.". 

I smile back at him and say, "No problem, Agent Cooper.". 

"Please, just call me Ellis.".

I smile at him again and he smiles again as well. This may not be as bad as I thought. It maybe a great adventure. Ellis and I set back down on the couch and begin talking again, trying to get to know each other a little better, as friends.

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