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Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


16. What is she doing here

 Yvonne's Pov:

I woke up early like usual I was able to get out of Justin's grip and took a shower I got out of the shower with I tight grip on my towel I looked at Justin and saw he was still asleep I looked at the time and saw tht it was 9:35 y did I wake up this early anyways I changed into this outfit (without the bag and bracelets):


My bruises were pretty much startin to fade away so I could actually wear almost anything I wanted without puttin on a lot of make up to cover it up it was 9:50 when I was done so I decided to make bacon and eggs for breakfast when I was done I put some for myself and waited for them to wake up it was 10:20 when I was done with my food I guess they finally smelled the food and they came down they finished eatin and said there thnk u.


Justin:" im gonna be goin to the studio today do u guys wanna come"

Vonnie:" im down for it how abt u guys"

Tom:" we cant were gonna go and look around the city"
Jay:" we cant either were gonna have a lazy day"

Nath:" we cant either were gonna go shoppin"
Cody:" us either were gonna go to the park"

Siva:" we also cant were gonna go to some cafes and relax there"

Justin:" I guess it will be us 2 then" I went and hugged him

Vonnie:" kay I will wait for u down here when u go get ready" he nodded and went to take a shower and change he came down in this outfit:




Vonnie:" u look fine"

Justin:" y thnk u n u look beautiful" I smiled

Vonnie:" y thnk u lets go?" he smiled

Justin:" yea bye guys" we got into Justin's car n drove to the studio we said hi to everyone in the studio I have been here a couple of times and I was coo with everyone anyways Justin went into the booth n started a song tht he has been workin on when the door opened and I saw the 1 person tht I despise Selena she acted nice to me around Justin but when he wasn't listenin or was doin somethin else she would treat me like a bitch.

Vonnie:" Scooter  y is Selena here?" I guess she heard me so she came up to me and whisperd.

Selena:" im gonna make today a livin hell for u" I just gulped I was scared of Selena I mean yea I could fight her but I  knew she would break me and Justin's relationship up, after Justin finished recordin he came up to me and hugged me and gave me a peck on my lips.

Vonnie:" u did great"

Justin:" y thnk u my lady" I giggled I guess Selena thought this was the best time to come up and start flirtin with Justin she kept on touchin him and he did nothin it got to a point where I had enough so I just ran out of the studio I guess scooter,Fredo,Ry and Chase saw so they came after me.

Chase:" Vonnie r u okay" I shock my head and started cryin

Vonnie:" h-how c-can h-he l-let h-her d-do t-tht"

Ry:" we don't know"

Fredo:" did Selena tell u tht she was gonna do this" I nodded my head

Scooter:" then y didn't u tell us or Justin"

Vonnie:" because im scared tht she is gonna break me n Justin's relationship and I thought tht u guys wouldn't belive me" I guess I didn't see or hear Justin commin out

Justin:" she could never break us apart" I was scared at first but then calm down when Justin cam and pulled me into a huge this right here is wat I needed

Vonnie:" how do u know" we pulled out of the hug

Justin:" because I would never let tht happen" I smiled at him and kissed he depend the kiss we started makin out until we heard the guys yelling tht they were still there.

Chase:" srry to ruin the mood or whatever but where is Selena"

Justin:" she is inside the studio"

Vonnie:" lets go back inside"

Ry:" r u sure I mean wat if she does it all over again"

Vonnie:" honestly im over her if she does I will fight the bitch"

Chase:" u can fight?"

Justin:" man she is hella strong I mean she can knock u guys out" I just laughed

Scooter:" r we gonna need an ambulance" Justin nodded I laughed we all headed inside and Selena came up to me and whispered

Selena:" ur gonna regret wat u did"

Vonnie:" N wat will I regret" she was shocked tht I didn't get scared or anythin

Justin:" yea Selena wat will she regret" she smiled and started actin fake

Selena:" Oh nothin we were just jokin around"

Vonnie:" ohh cut out the bs" she came up at me and slapped me oh this bitch doesn't know wat she just got herself into

Justin:" u shouldn't have done tht"

Selena:" wat is she gonna do she is a week as bitch I will show u" she came up at me and punched me it time I  let her hit me stomach it hurt but not as much as my Dad and Moms punches I started punchin and kickin her until Justin pulled me off.

Vonnie:" who is the week bitch now huh?" Selena came up to me and punched me Justin let go of me immediately and I started to punch and kick  until Justin pulled me back again this time she just stayed there while the ambulance came and took her away we told her tht we had proof tht she swung  first and tht she was threatin me so if she spilled abt this then all of the facts will go online I had a few scratches and bruises but they were worth it I still won.

Justin:" Vonnie im gonna go the stuff to clean u up okay?" I nodded Justin ran to the other room and got the first aid kit.

Chase:" dame Vonnie u really can fight"

Vonnie:" u thought tht Justin was lyin when he said tht" he nodded Justin came back in and started cleanin my cuts and puttin some kind of medicine  on my bruises after he was done we went home Justin was the first to spill abt wat happened everyone thought tht  she deserved it.

Vonnie:" see I told u tht they would think they deserved it u owe me 10 bux" we both laughed and he gave me the 10 bux

Jay:" so u guys bet on wat we would think" we nodded  and they laughed I was startin to get tired we were at the studio from 10:00 until 10:30 so I was exhausted so was Justin so we left the guys to do whatever they wanted I changed in front of Justin cuz I was 2 tired to go to the bathroom when I was done I went to the bed and Justin came  and wrapped his arms around me I loved when he did this cuz it made me feel like nothin can hurt me or our relationship.

Justin:" night babe I love u"

Vonnie:" night Juju I love u 2" he kissed my cheek and we both went to sleep after afew min.


Heyoooo so thnk u for my 230+ readers it means a lot tht u guys actually read this anyways hope y'all like this chapter no hate 2 Selena not the biggest fan but no hate but tht fight tho hahaha I have a feelin there is goin to be a lot of fightin.

From yhur 1 and only Yvonne <3


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