But I Care

Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


23. Wat selena articles

  Vonnies Pov:

I woke up n I saw tht J wasn't in the bedroom, I looked at the time n saw tht it was 9:30 which was weird because J never wakes up earlier than 10, I went downstairs n saw tht J was  cookin pancakes I went n kissed his cheek  he smiled n turned around

J:" hey babe"

Vonnie:" hey, wat r u doin up so early"

J:" makin breakfast since I saw tht u weren't up yet"

Vonnie:" kay ima go upstairs n change then come back down n help ya" he smiled nodded n went back to cookin, I ran up stairs went into our room ,grabbed my clothes n went into the shower, after the shower I changed into this outfit:


I walked downstairs n switched spots with J so tht he can go n change after a few min I was done with the batch tht J was makin n started makin the other batch I was on my third 1 when heard a flash I turned around n saw J on his phone

J:" u look great in this pic"

Vonnie:" lemme see it" he showed me the pic n I smiled because it was a really cute pic

J:" can I post it or nah" I smiled

Vonnie:" u can do whatever u want with the pic" I turned around n continued with the batch I heard my phone buzz 

Vonnie:" J can u take over with tht batch plz bby" he smiled n nodded, I washed my hands n went over to the counter n looked at my phone n saw the pic tht he took with this caption:

"the babe cookin breakfast when I was gettin ready for any adventure tht were gonna do today"  I smiled retweeted it n favorited it, I turned around n saw J still cookin the same batch I was makin I took a good look at him and I dunno how many times I have to say this but he looked on point, he was wearin this outfit:


   J:" babe u know starin isn't nice" I stood their shocked cuz I didn't know tht he knew tht I was starin ( srry if tht didn't make sense)

J:" I can feel ur eyes" I laughed

Vonnie:" like u don't stare" we both laughed

J:" should we go wake everyone up" I nodded, we both got a pan n wooden spoon, we ran up stairs n started banggin on the pans

Vonnie+J:" BREAKFAST IS READY SLEEPY HEADS!!!!" we both laughed as they came out of their rooms half asleep

Brad:" can we at least sleep a little more" we shook our heads, they groaned and came downstairs, they sat on the kitchen stools

Vonnie:" how many pancakes do u guys want"

Brad:" 4 plz"

Con:" same as him plz"

Tris:" same as them plz"

James:" same as them plz"

The gurls:" same as them plz babe" I smiled n gave then their pancakes

J:" the syrup is on the counter if u need it" they nodded n got the syrup

Vonnie:" how many pancakes bby" J smiled

J:" can I have the same a them bby plz" I nodded I got him his plate

Sha:" aren't ya gonna eat"

Vonnie:" yea I was just servin y'all ur food"  I got 4 pancakes for myself n put the rest in the fridge, I sat down put syrup n started eatin

Con:" these r some really good pancakes"

J:" me n Vonnie made them"

Enna:" u guys should be cooks" they all nodded while me n J just laughed

J:" nahhh I good with the Job I have now"

Vonnie:" n im goin back to college on sep 3 so I will be supper busy" J groaned

J:" we will barely have any time to hang out anymore because of ur school work" I laughed
Vonnie:" gotta work hard for wat I want"

Shea:" have u found a Job yet babe"

Vonnie:" tht reminds me I have to look for 1 when school starts" I dunno y but I always look for jobs when school starts

Ri:" when u find 1 u gotta help me with the hook up bae"

Vonnie:" don't worry I will" all the guys groaned

me+ the Gurls:" wat????"
Tris:" u guys r gonna be workin plus ur gonna be goin to school when r we ever gonna hang out"

Enna:" don't worry we will make the time"

James:" but were back to tour"

Shea:" then we will come n visit"

Vonnie:" then it will be us 2 alone ;)" J laughed

J:" guys we should do a live stream"

Tris:" tht sounds coo"

Brad:"  on who's laptop"

Vonnie:" we can do it on mine"

J:" yea thts great cuz mine is still chargin" I laughed

Con:" what time should we do it"

Vonnie:" how abt when im done with the dishes"

J:" babe will u need help with them" I shook my head

Vonnie:" u just go get my laptop, u already know my password so just login"

he nodded n went to go get my laptop, Brad n em gave me their dishes n went to the livin room, I put Justin's Journals album on n started doin the dishes when I was singin along, I was glad tht they couldn't really hear me when I sang because the livin room n the kitchen weren't tht close, after 10 min I was done with the dishes, I walked to the livin room n saw th J already had the laptop

Vonnie:" did u give them the link babe" he nodded n patted his lap gesturing me to go sit on his lap so I did

Tris:" so when r we gonna start it"

J:" I just gave them the link so how abt right now"

Sha:" im like really nervous right now"

Brad:" don't be babe I bet their gonna like u" she smiled n kissed him after a while they pulled apart

Con:" y don't u guys just come n sit on our laps" the gurls nodded n sat on the guys lap, J went on the website n after a while we finally got it right but we still didn't know if anyone could hear us

James:" can someone say something so tht we can know tht u can hear us" after  3 min someone finally said something

Ri:" @Y/n  said tht we all look cute"

Shea:" awww thnks @Y/N"

Brad:" see we told u tht it wouldn't be tht bad" the gurls nodded n laughed

Shea:" @Y/n she still doenst know y ur still with Vonnie when u could be with her" Shea looked at me gave me a sad smile I gave 1 back

J:" @Y/n well to answer ur question, im still with her because she is the most beautiful gurl both inside n outside n I love her craziness, independence, the way she is just so loveable, the way she is my best friend, the way she is loyal, they way she can put her friends needs in front of hers, the way she can give back, the way she can give me my space, they way she can have a laugh with pretty much anyone, the way she doesn't take bs from anyone even me, the way she keeps me grounded, their is a lot more i could say abt y im still with her" i smiled n hugged him

Vonnie:" thnks bby" he smiled

J:" np i love u babe"

Vonnie:" i love u 2"

The gurls:" awwwwwww" me n J giggled

Enna:" @Y/n asked when Tom n em r"

J:" well Tom ,Alex ,Lisha ,Max ,Tash ,Jay ,Chels , Nath , Siva , Narsh are in London celebrating their 5 year anniversary"

Vonnie:" n Lila is with Cody on tour"

Sha:" @Y/n asked the guys if they would date a fan"

Con:" we get asked this a lot, n the answer is if we were single then yes we would date a fan"

Shea:" @Y/N asked if she can get followed by all of us"
James:" of course u can" we all took out our phones n followed @Y/n

J:" Consider ur self followed @Y/n"

Vonnie:" @Y/n asked wat u guys look for in gurls"

The guys:" personality" we laughed, we got of the guys laps n sat on the spot next to them

J:" wait who told u guys to get of our laps" i smirked

Vonnie:" we did, u got a problem Bieber"J smirked back

J:" actually i do McCall"

Vonnie:" well wat r u gonna do abt it"

J:" this" he picked me up n put me back on his lap, i looked around n i saw the other guys doin the same to their gurls which made n the gurls laugh

Vonie:" @Y/n said me n the gurls laugh a lot"

Sha:" we know we like laughin"

Shea:"@Y/n asked y me n the gurls look so dame fine n if he could get some" me n the gurls laughed

J:" no ur ass cant get some"

Brad:" no way u could get some"

Con:" nuh uh ur not gonna get some"

James:" no dame way"

Tris:" hell nahhh" me n the gurls laughed harder, after a while we calmed down

Me+the gurls:" hell 2 the nahh" the guys laughed

Ri:" @Y/n asked if we can say hi to ________ n tht they miss ya"

Everyone:" Heyyyyy _______ we miss u 2"

Enna:" @Y/n asked when the next album will be"

Brad:" soon"

J:" in a few months"

Shea:" @Y/n asked the guys how tour with Austin is"

Brad:" i think its safe to say tht we all had a blast n wouldn't change it"

Vonnie:" guys i got a text from Cody tellin us to say hi to everyone n tht they miss us n tht me n the gurls look great"

Shea:" Cody said hi 2 u guys, we miss ya  2 Cods n thnks bae"

Sha:" @Y/n asked how tour was with TW"

Con:" honestly those guys know how to have fun it was a blast n i think to say tht we all had a blast"

J:" Nath just texted me sayin tht their all watchin us n they wanted to tell u guys look great n the gurls wanted to tells we look great 2"

Vonnie:" haayyyy guys n thnks babes"

J:" thnks baes"

James:" oh we forgot to ask how was everyones morning"

Ri:" @Y/n said it would be great if we all followed her" we laughed n followed her

Tris:" consider ur self followed love"

Vonnie:" @Y/n said tht she wishes tht we could notice her but she knows tht we never will"

Everyone:" never say never @Y/n" we laughed

Sha:" @Y/n asked wats up with the u n Selena articles" okay now im confused, i looked at J

Vonnie:" wait wat Selena articles" he looked shocked

J:" nothing.... i dunno wat.. shes talkin abt"  kay know wats so bad tht he has to lie to me

Vonnie:" wats so serious u have to lie to me Justin"

J:" no plzz don't use my full name" 

Brad:" u know wat were gonna take this to the kitchen" they all got up n went to the kitchen, ikno tht they will hear some of the things we say but know i care less

Vonnie:" so wat Selena articles r they talkin abt Justin"

J:" ummm...i don't.... ummmm know"


J:" calm down Vonnie"

Vonnie:" DONT TELL ME WAT TO FUCKIN DO, WAT R THEY TALKIN ABT WAT SELENA ARTICLES R THEY TALKIN ABT?!?!"he walked to the coffee table opened the drawer n got out a article with him n Selena kissin, i looked at it n i could feel the tears commin down i looked up at him

Vonnie:" did u really do this" he didn't answer, i looked into his eyes n they had an apologetic look which meant he did

Vonnie:" i cant fuckin believe u Justin, i gave u ur space, i forgave u for so many things, i was never 2 clingy, i  showed u i cared"

J:" ikno n im srry Vonnie"

Vonnie:" tell me wat i did wrong plzz tell me wat i did wrong" at this point the tears were flowin down our cheeks

J:" u did nothin wrong u never have"

Vonnie:" im done Justin" he looked confused

J:" done with wat?"

Vonnie:" with us Justin, i cant live with someone who will cheat on me" i went up stairs found my bags n started packin, Justin came in n started unpackin things

J:" NOOO!!! u cant leave me, plzzz Vonnie i cant live without u" i started tryin packin again n Justin continued to unpack
Vonnie:" how do ikno ur not gonna do tht again Justin" i gave him my attention

J:" cuz i love u with all my heart, because ur my 1 n only because when u leave then their is no reason to live" i could tell tht he did mean everything he said i went up to him n kissed him after a while we pulled apart

J:" so does this mean were still together" i smiled n nodded, we went back downstairs n saw tht they were still doin the live stream they came n gave me hugs

Sha:" U okay babe" i nodded i felt a couple of buzzes on my phones, i got my phone out n i saw it was a text from Nath ,Max, Jay , Siva, Tom and Cody sayin tht they can beat Biebs up if i want them 2, i laughed n texted them back tht it was okay, i got a text from the gurls sayin the same thing n i replied to them with the same reply i gave to the guy

Brad:" well guys were gonna go we will see u guys later"

Everyone:" we love u guys baiii" we laughed waved n blew kisses to the camera, we got of the website n closed the  laptop

Brad:" so wat do we do know"

Vonnie:" honestly all i wanna do is stay here n relax"

J:" im with u on tht 1"

Vonnie:" u guys can go out if u want, u don't have to stay here just cuz we r"

The guys+ Gurls:" u sure"

Vonnie+J:" positive" they nodded n left, me n J watched movies, baked, cuddled n talked



heyoooooo ayyeee i updated another chapter in less than a week thts a huge miracle haha u guys got lucky today cuz its my lazy day haha anyways wat did u think of the last part i honestly cried again NO HATE Selena she is coo n i respect her, thnks for readin this update it means a lot n ayeeee i got i more heart i hope tht goes higher n higher  n thnks to my readers i love u all

From Yhur 1 And Only Yvonne <3





















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