But I Care

Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


13. The Talk

Justin's POV:
I really wanted to know wat Vonnie was thinkin abt at Starbucks because she started to zone out and started to silent cry so I really hope she will trust me and tell me she's my baby girl all I want her to be is happy.

Vonnie:" I was thinkin abt everything tht happened this past few weeks and the wat ifs" 

Justin: " wait wat kind of wat ifs" I was really worried at this point.

Vonnie:" like wat if Donte or my parents come lookin for me and find me will u be there to protect me" Idunno where she got all of this I just looked at her she was abt to break so I just went to huge she started cryin.... no she started bawling I felt bad but she should know tht I will always be there for her.

Justin:" babe I will always be there for u I will always protect u I will always make sure ur safe and I promise u tht Donte wont come for u because he is in jail and ur parents will never come near u and if the do I promise u they will regret it"

Vonnie:"it sounds like ur makin vows" we both laughed 

Justin:" but seriously I promise tht I will be there for u and keep u safe" I was more serious this time

Vonnie:" thnk u Justin" I just smiled and hugged her

Justin:" we should go downstairs there probably wounderin abt wat her were doin she nodded but before we left and spun her around and kissed her she gladly kissed back when she pulled back she left me wantin more but I had a better idea I explained the plan which was when we go downstairs pretend tht we were fightin and then out of no where start makin out she agreed to the idea.

Vonnie:" lets get goin I really like this idea" we went down stairs and saw the guys in the kitchen so we decided tht right know was the right time to start.


Vonnie:" BECAUSE IT NON OF UR FUCKIN BUISNESS" Every one came to the livin room and I could tell tht they were shocked I smiled in the inside  and I could tell Vonnie was 2.

Tom:" Mate calm down" I could tell Tom was taken back because he doesn't really try to be the peace maker its usually Siva.


Vonnie:" WELL TO FUCKIN BAD BECAUSE I WONT FUCKIN TELL U" I thougt this was the right time to start makin out so I gave her signal which was stepin closer to her.

Justin:" FINE I WONT FUCKIN CALM DOWN THEN" after I said the she came up to me and started kissin me I gladly started kissin back she jump on me and wraped her legs around my torso I liked her bottom lip askin for permison she accepted and our tongues started to fight mine won ofcourse I could tell she need to breath so I started kissin her neck until I found her weak spot which was easy I started suckin it givin a hickey she was moanin and playin with my hair which caused me to start moanin, sadly our make out session was cut short by tom.

Tom:" MATE WERE STILL HERE" me and Vonnies head shot up she started to giggle I just laughed alil

Justin:" Ikno" I smiled at him when he stood there confused I looked at everyone who looked confused me and Vonnie just started crackin up when we calmed down we told them abt wat just happened.

Jay:" so u guys just did all of tht just to see our reaction"

me and Vonnie nodded everyone started laughin and started teasin us Vonnie just hid her face on my chest while I just  started smilin when Vonnie gained back her confidence she took a pillow and started throwin it at everyone except me I just stayed there and started crackin before I knew it she took a pillow and threw at me tht how my friend is how the epic pillow fight started. After a while we got tierd and started watchin a movie we watched Insidious  which wasn't tht scary to me but to Vonnie it was scary she loves scary movies even though she gets scared easilyat times with is  really cute after the movie we decided to got to the mall I hope she lets me buy here something expensive but im not gonna get my hopes up.

Vonnie:" u guys better not take us to any expensive places" we just nodded but we all knew tht we were gonna thake the some where tht was expensive.

Tash:" were dead serious if u take us anywhere expensive ur all gonna regret it we promise u tht" 

I was scared and so were all the guys so we decided to take tht to a regular mall which we had to wear a disguise by disguise I mean a hoddie with sunglasses and hope no one notices us anyways when we got to the mall we had to convince the girls tht there not usin us when we finally convinced them it was 6:30  we started shopin and Vonnie got these outfits:








she refused for me to but her any thing else we went back to the van and met everyone there they had the same amount of bags tht Vonnie had which I found wierd


Justin:" did u guys plan this" they all shock there heads

Tom:" then how do all of u guys have the same amount of back". they all shrugged

Vonnie:" I guess great minds think a like" she smiled and kissed I kissed her back we looked at everyone and they were havin there own convos so we started our own.

Vonnie:" thnk u baby for everything" I smiled

Justin:" anything for u babe u could have let me buy u more things u just have 5 bags"

Vonnie:" no I have enough clothes and shoes already I really don't know how I can thnk u enough"

Justin: " u being here is enough for me trust me Idunno wat I would do without u now come here" I patted on my lap she came and sat on my lap I saw tht she was startin to get sleepy

Justin: " get some sleep babe u look tierd"

Vonnie:" bu-"

Justin:" no  buts " I started to sing to her because I knew tht would get her to sleep I looked around and the rest of the guys were singing to there girls we all just smiled at each other when we saw tht they were asleep, when we got my house we carried our girls to the bedrooms and changed them into pjs we also changed into our pjs and went to sleep.


watt 2 updates in 1 day!!!!! my mind is blown away never know maybe there will be a third 1 never know anyways another special thnks to my readers dunno where I would be without u guys

from yhur 1 and only Yvonne <3

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