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Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


20. Oh my gawd

 Justins POV:
I woke up n saw tht the sheets were all tangled n a naked Vonnie I remembered everythang tht happened n a huge grin came on my face I checked the time n saw tht it was 11:30 wow we slept in I carefully got out fo bed makin sure tht I didn't wake up Vonnie i went n took a shower after the shower i changed into this outfit:


n went down stairs when I got down stairs I saw everyone I hope they didn't here us yesterday but I guess I didn't hope hard enough because it turned out tht they did hear.

Tom:" so how was it last night ;)"

Max:" yea mate" I started laughin

Justin:" u guys heard us huh?"
Cody:" mate I bet the neighbors heard ya" I started blushin

Justin:' it wasn't tht loud" 

Nath:" wasn't tht loud?!?! mate I was barely able to sleep" I started laughin

Tom:' yea mate we kept on hearin JUSTIN FASTER, FASTER"

Jay:" MMM BABY SAY MY NAME LOUDER" they started crackin up while I was blushin like crazy

Justin:" u guys r crazy"

Siva:" thts wat he said" we all started laughin, after we calmed down Lilah came down n the guys started crackin up when they saw here waddling.

Cody:" Mate she cant walk right cuz of u" we all started laughin.

Lilah:" if u were me right now u wouldn't be laughin" she waddled to the couch

Justin:" im srry babe did I hurt ya cuz if I did I will go softer next time"the guys gave me the tf look.

Lilah:" nahh I like it when ya go hard" she started gigglin because the guys were listnin then I remember abt Toms n Alexs night 2 days ago.

Justin:" Tom I forgot to tell ya I heard u n Alex 2 days ago" he started blushin

Nath:" so I see tht Justin isn't the only 1"

Lilah:" wait so Alex lost her virginity?!?!" we nodded

Lilah:" she was the last person tht I would think would lose her virginity" we started laughin I started wounderin where the gurrlls r.

Justin:" where r the gurlls"

Nath:" they went out to have a gurlls day" Lilah looked taken back

Lilah:" oh my gawd so the gurrlls just left me" we nodded

Lilah:" we fuck them 2" me n the guys laughed

Jay:" how abt we have a day out just all of us without the other gurrls kinda like pay back"

Lilah:" im in just let me go change" the guys nodded after a few min she came down in this out fit:


when she came out I couldn't help but stair at her I mean she looked goergous I still cant believe tht she is mine

Cody:" mate  stop undressin her with ur eyes" I started blushin n Vonnie started gigglin

Just:" don't be jelly tht u don't have her" she laughed I walked over to her n wrapped my arms around her waist n swaying both of us back n forth

Cody:" im not I got Lila" I got serious

Vonnie:" I swear if any of u break their hearts I will find u n kill u" they looked at her as if she killed someone

Tom:" tr-trust u-us w-we wo-wont" she smiled

Vonnie:" thts wat I thought know come on guys lets go have fun" they laughed we went into the van

Vonnie:" wait where r we goin" they smiled

Just:" the movies were gonna go see the Think Like A Man 2" I smiled

Vonnie:" omgggg I have wanted to see tht movie so bad" me n the guys laughed

Nath:" we know this is our lil treat for ya" she smiled

Vonnie:" thnks guys but u know tht u didn't have 2 right" we nodded we got the movies we  paid for the  tickets.

Yvonnes POV:

I was waitin in line with the guys to get snacks because we bought.. we they bought the tickets I wanted to but but they said no anyways there was these 2 gurls infront of us, they had finshed orderin when they turned around n saw us they looked star struck I guess they r big fans of the guys which means a lot to them n me I really love the fans :)

Gurl 1:" omggggg I love u guys some much" they smiled

The guys:" thnks we love u 2"

Gurll:" oh yea happy late b-day Jay hope ya had fun" He hugged n kissed them n the check

Jay:" thnks loves n it was a blast all because of these guys n thnks for all the b-day wishes" he pointed at us we smiled, the gurlls smiled

Gurll:" do u mind if we take a pic with u"

Jay:" ofcourse not"

Vonnie:" here I will take the pic" when they saw me they had huge grins on their faces I took their phone n took their pick with their phones when I was done I smiled n gave them their phones back

Gurll1:" ur Yvonne" I nodded the 2 gurlls started screamin I was scared cuz I thought tht they were gonna jump me

Gurll 2:" omggg ur so beautiful I wish tht I was as beautiful as u" I smiled

Vonnie:" thnks n u gurlls r already beautiful don't let anyone think otherwise" the gurlls smiled I looked at the guys they smiled at me

Gurll 1:" theirs no way" I smiled

Vonnie:" good n wat r u names" The guys went n bought the snakes

Gurll 1:" im Usha she's Trashea I have my other 2 friends their names r Terri n Vienna" The guys had already got the dought the food n wanted to go see the movie

Vonnie:" well bai guys text me or call me sometime so tht we can hang out okay?" they nodded n I gave them my number me n the guys started walkin away we were at the coroner  we heard the gurlls start fan gurilin I couldn't help but smile, the guys nudged I looked at them n smiled they mirrored my smile, we went to the place where they had the movie we watched it n I was dyin the whole time we walked out to the hallway n saw the 2 gurlls we saw last time plus  2 other gurls who im guessin r Terri n Vienna

Vonnie:" im gonna go say bai to Usha n Trashea" I pointed to where they were

Tom:" can we go with ya" I nodded they smiled

Vonnie:" y'all don't gotta ask now come one slow pokes" they laughed n followed me we finally reached where Usha and Trashea

Vonnie:" hey Usha n Trashea"

Usha:" heyooo"

Trashea:" hiyaaa" I smiled I looked at the other gurlls n they looked star stuck I think because of the guys I decided to try to talk to them

Vonnie:" hey im Yvonne" they looked shocked at first n then came back to their senses

Gurll 1:" r u talkin to us?" I nodded

Gurll 2:" y r u talkin to us I mean we nobody's"

Vonnie:" no one here is a nobody trust me" they smiled

Vonnie:" so wat r ur names"

Gurl 1:" im Terri" I smiled

Gurll 2:" and im Vienna" I smiled

Vonnie:" well I gotta go Usha&Trashea y'all got my number hmu sometime u gurls 2 we should have some gurll time with the other gurlls" they smiled I gave my number to Terri, Vienna me n the guys hugged the gurlls bai we went to the van n drove home when we got their we saw all the other gurlls

Lila:" heyy babes"

Me&The Guys:" hey bby gurll"

Tash:" so wat did y'all do today"

Tom:" we went to go watch Think Like A Man 2" they nodded

Vonnie:" oh yea we meet these 4 gurlls their really coo I think u guys would get along"

Alex:" wat we their names"

Jay:" ummm... Usha, Trashea, Terri, Vienna"

Alex:" they have hella pretty names" I nodded

Vonnie:" i was so jelly when i heard their names n u could have seen them they were beautiful"

Chels:" i wonder if they have boyfriends" i shock my head

Nath:" we could set them up with the lads from The Vamps their some really coo lads" me n the gurlls started screamin i mean it The Vamps

Vonnie:" omgggggg u guys know The Vamps!!!" the nodded

Just:" wow i bet were gonna be seeing this side of them a lot" we laughed n nodded

Cody:" when can we get them together"

Siva:" were gonna see them again tomorrow"

Liisha:" we could hook them up tomorrow" me n the gurlls smiled at each other

Lila:" This is gonna be a blast" we nodded

Vonnie:" i will call them tomorrow" the gurlls nodded, i yawned n looked at the time n saw tht it was 10:00 we left at 8:00

Just:" come on lets get u to bed" i nodded, we went upstairs i changed into my pjs infront of Just i really didn't care because he already saw everything yesterday i got into the bed n covered my self n cover my body with the covers after i few min i felt the bed sink n Justins arms around me pullin me closer to him

Just:" u guys come up with the best ideas u know tht" i turned around n faced him n smiled

Vonnie:" thnks bby" i laid my head on Justins chest hearin his heart beat i started to fall asleep, i opened my eyes wider tryin to stay up

Just:" go to sleep bby"

Vonnie:" but im not sleepy" he smiled n started playin with my hair

Just:" yes u r now lets get some sleep we have a great day ahead of us" i smiled i was half asleep when Justin said somethang

Just:" i love u bby good night" i smiled

Vonnie:" i love u 2 babe good night" he kissed my temple n with tht i let the darkness take over.


heyooooo ikno ikno i haven't been on here in forever but it was cuz i am so busy this summer this is the only time tht i actually sat down i promise i will try to make more time anyways thnks to my 300+ readers 2 coments n 7 likes it means a lot tht y'all still read this or r startin to read this i love y'all

From yhur 1 n only Yvonne <3



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