But I Care

Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis



 i just wanted to tell u guys tht im not gonna be here for the whole week startin tommorw ofcourse because im goin to camp for the next four day then after I come back I have to unpack n all tht ish , then the next day which will be Thursdays I have orientation, then after tht on Friday I have to go to a weddin then on Saturday I have to go to church cause their is gonna be a Teen meetin then on Sunday I have church so yea I have a busy week.. believe or not I have had a busier days/ weeks anyways I just wanted to tell y'all tht I cant update this whole week mostly because I barley have time to sit down, even today  I have to finish my shoppin for camp n im writtin this on my phone so yea hahaha see ya later oh yea I also wanted to thnk my 400+ reader WATTT!!!!!! thnks so much n for the hearts n comments ikno it will get their soon so no rush love u all <3

From yhur 1 and only Yvonne <3

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