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Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


19. Just me & u

Yvonnes Pov:

Justin said tht he wanted to go on a date just me and him so im pretty excited but I also don't want to go anywhere fancy so we will see wat happens, I woke up checked the time and saw tht it was 10:30 I kissed Justin a couple of times on his face until he woke up.

Vonnie:" morin baby" he smiled

Justin:" morning babe" gawd I love his mornin voice

Vonnie:" so wat should I wear fancy or casual"

Justin:" fancy" my face turned serious

Vonnie:" Justin I swear if u spend more than 100 bux on me I will be pissed" he smiled

Justin:" I wanna spoil u can I plzz spoil u"

Vonnie:" but I don't want u to think im only with u for the cash"

Justin:" ur not usin me babe"

Vonnie:" how do u know tht?"

Justin:" because of this convo" we both laughed

Vonnie:" can I choose restaurant" he nodded I had a awesome place it wasn't to fancy or to plain

Vonnie:" kay can we go to the Bahama Breeze" he nodded I was so happy because it is my fave restaurant ( A/n it really is)

Justin:" we should get ready u wanna go first?" I nodded I checked the time again and saw tht it was 10:55 so I went to take a shower I got out of the shower and saw tht Justin was gone anyways I changed into this outfit:


  I made sure my hair was curly  I am really happy tht I don't have to worry abt my bruises anymore I still had some scares but u could barley see them anyways I went downstairs and saw Justin in this outfit:


I guess he changed in a different room he look boom I guess he caught me starin cuz he winked which caused me to giggle

Justin:" like wat u see"

Vonnie:" maybe ;)" we both laughed

Justin:" u look beautiful as always" I smiled

Vonnie:" y thnk u and u look handsome as always" he laughed

Justin:" thnk u, u ready 2 go ma lady" I laughed and nodded

Vonnie:" byyee guys"

Everyone:" bye have fun" we went into his range rover n turned on the radio the song Memphis came on I started laughin

Justin:" wat r u laughin at" I shock my head me n Justin started singin at the top of our lungs after afew min we reached the restaurant, Justin got out of the and ran to the other side to open the door for me which I thought was really cute.

Vonnie:" y thnk u kind sir"

Justin:" ur welcome ma 'lady" we both laughed we went into the restaurant we got a couple of stares because it was theee ' Justin Bieber' they came up to us and gave us a booth the waitress came n asked for Justins drink with her flirtiest voice.

Waitress:" wat would u like to drink" she started bittin her lip and lickin her lips u could tell Justin was tryin not to laugh.

Justin:" ummm can I have a strawberry lemonade" I was shocked tht Justin wasn't drinkin today but I was actually happy, the waitress came up to me and started mean muggin me.

Waitress:" wat would u like?" dameee she was rude well ima kill her with my kindness

Vonnie:" same as him thnks :)" she rolled her eyes and walked away

Vonnie:" I hope u get hit by I bus" Justin started dyin

Justin:" ur somethang else" I took a bow

Vonnie" y thnk u" before I met Justin and the guys I honestly haven't laughed this much, I also haven't giggled or had these kind of butterflies in my stomach before I met Justin he is somethang else he is somethang special

Justin:" wat r u thinkin abt?" I didn't even notice tht I was zonnin out

Vonnie:" abt u and the guys n how u guys make me laugh but mostly how much u changed my life, like if u weren't here I would be dead right now"

I didn't notice I had tears on my check's so Justin wiped it with his thumb he started leanin in until our foreheads touched before  I knew it our lips were in sync im tellin u there was fireworks eerrrr were we pulled apart just in time because out 'nice' waitress was comin with our drinks she put it on our table n asked for wat we wanted to eat. 

Justin:" can I have a Hawaiian burger" she nodded n bit her lip gosh I wanna slap this bitch right now she turned to me and started mean muggin me I just smiled at her

Vonnie:" umm can I have the Applewood Bacon And Cheddar Burger" she raised her eye brow at me  n said somethang tht pissed me off.

Waitress:" u sure u wanna eat tht I think u should cut of and eat some salad so u could be skinner" I wanted to jump her so bad but Justin had his grip on my waist so I couldn't.

Justin:" for ur information she is perfect to me she has a great personality n nice curves which I like on gurlls n she will have tht burger" I calmed down and smiled at him the waitress rolled her eyes and left to get our food me n Justin laughed.

Vonnie:" thnks baby it means a lot tht u stood up for me like tht"

Justin:" np babe I really meant everythang I said" I smiled

Vonnie:" ikno I don't say this a lot but I really do love u"

Justin:" I love u 2 babe" I pecked his lips n started drinkin my drink knowin it would turn him on.

Justin:" babe stop" I looked at him innocently

Vonnie:" stop wat?"

Justin:" drinkin ur drink like tht it does things to me"

I looked down and saw tht he had a bonner I laughed honestly I am ready to loose my virginity to Justin he has been patient enough. the waitress came with our food n left we ate n laughed a couple of fans came up to us n asked for pics when we were done the waitress came with the money thingy n Justin paid even though I begged for him to split the bill with me because I had a job n the money but he still said no we got into the car safely lucky no paps were there anyways the drive home was fun we sang along it each song tht  came on the radio n laughed like crazy we got home n saw tht everyone wasn't home it was pretty early it was 9:30 n we left at 2:00 but aye I really wanna do it with Justin so I took him up stairs I think he got the memo cuz when we got to the bedroom he locked the door.






he pushed me against the wall n started kissin me roughly but yet passionately he licked my bottom lip askin for permission which I gladly gave him our tongue's started battlin his won of course I lightly pulled the back of his hair makin him moan we both started loosin our breath so he started kissin my neck lookin for my weak spot which he found easily he started givin me hickes which caused me to start moanin I hoped on him n wrapped my legs around his torso he put his hands on my ass to hold me up without breakin the kiss he carried me over to the bed he got on top of my he broke the kiss n gave me the r u sure look I nodded he went to  the bathroom to get something he came out holdin something I looked closer n saw tht it was a condom he wrapped him self thnk gawd cuz I didn't want to get prego just yet he walked over to me n took my dress of n started kissin me he unhooked my bra n started massgin my boob while kissin me I broke the kiss n took of his shirt since he didn't have any pants on he put his boxers back on anyways I started kissin is stomach n went all the way down to his torso I started playin with the waist line of his boxers I could tell it was turnin on because Jerry started stickin out he got on top of me n started playin the the waist line of my undie because my dress n bra were off I was startin to get impatient so I took of his boxers n looked at the full size I waz kinda taken back I guess Justin saw because he put his finger under my chin to make me look up he cave me the I don't have to do this look but I gave him the I want to he nodded Justin started rubbin my clit I couldn't help but moan which made Justin smiled after afew seconds I was really wet.

Justin:" I get u tht wet tht fast" I nodded he smiled n licked his fingers he removed my undie he gave me another do u  wanna do this look I nodded he insturted his full size it hurt for a while but it started to feel good.

Vonnie:"mmmm Justin" he smiled

Justin:" moan my name louder" he went faster

Vonnie:" JUSTIN FASTER, FASTER" he went faster n harder

Vonnie:" MMMM FUCK" I started riddin him which caused both of us to start moanin

Justin:" mmm faster baby" I smiled I went faster

Justin:"MMM YVONNEE FASTEER"  I went faster n harder

Vonnie:" I think im gonna cum"

Justin:" hold it for a bit longer" I held it in until I couldn't anymore n me n Justin cumed at the same time which was weird. Justin smiled we both started to get tired so went to sleep last words I heard was 'good night beautiful I love u' I smiled n let the darkeness take over.


heyoooo ikno I said I was gonna update yesterday but I went to down town seattle n then I went to angle lake then after tht I  had to finish unbriadin my hair so im so srry anyways this chapter was... idunno the word but anyways hope y'all like n thnks to my 270+ reader 7 hearts  n 2 comments it means a lot so keep em comin plz oh yea plz follow me on twitter @Yvonne Mmata

From yhur 1 n only Yvonne <3


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