But I Care

Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


22. Havin a blast

    Vonnies Pov:

kay let me update u guys so abt 2 day ago I think.. srry im not good with dates Nath,Tom,Alex,Jay,Chels,Lisha,Tash,Siva,Narsh and Max went back to London because the guys wanted to celebrate their 5 year anniversary n I bet their havin a blast, Lila is on Tour with Cody, anyways back to us today were gonna hang out with Trashea,Terri,Vienna,Usha,Brad,Connor,Tristan and James anyways I wiggled out of Justin's arms took my outfit n went to go take a shower, when I was done I changed into this outfit:


 I got out of the bathroom to see a Justin tht was just wakin up I smiled walked over to him n kissed him after a while we pulled apart, I looked at Justin n he looked fully awake

J:" u should wake me up like tht everyday"

Vonnie:" maybe I will maybe I wont ;)"

J:" mysterious I like it :)" I giggled

Vonnie:" good n by the way u need to go get ready Brad n em r supposed to meet us here in abt a hour"

J:" wait its already12:00" I nodded

J:" well we slept in"

Vonnie:" yea ima go make breakfast"

J:" awesome!!!"

I laughed n walked to the kitchen, got the pan out n started makin 2 omelets when  the omelet started cookin I got my phone n put 5 SOS album on n started dancing n singin along, when the omelets were done it was 12:15 cuz I started cookin at 12:08 anyways I put it 1 on Justins plate n 1 on mine, I didn't feel like eatin so I just continued to dance to 5 SOS album until I heard someone laugh I turned around n saw Justin recording

J:" smile n wave for the camera babe" I smiled n waved to the camera J turned the camera so it could face him n started to dance around to the song I joined him when Good Girls ended he posted the video to Instagram and Twitter with this caption:" me n the babe rockin out to 5 SOS awesome song btw keep it up guys"  I favorited m retweeted the tweet, I finally got a good look at J n he looked on point he was wearin this:

I guess he caught me starin because he winked which caused me to giggle

J:" like wat u see bby ;)"

Vonnie:" Maybe I do maybe I don't :)" he laughed n wrapped his arms around my waist

J:" Ikno I like wat I see"

Vonnie:" u know starin is inappropriate Mr. Bieber" he smirked

J:" so were goin by last names now huh?"

Vonnie:" yupp u got a problem with it Bieber"

J:" no I don't McCall I think its pretty sexy ;)l" I laughed

Vonnie:" shut up n lets go eat before the omelets get cold" went to the table n started eatin when we were done it was 12:35, I went n put the dishes in the dish washer

J:" we have sometime to our selves... u thinkin wat im thinkin?" I nodded


Vonnie:" ur goin down Bieber"

Justin:" I don't thinks so McCall"

Vonnie+J:" I GET THE HOSE" we both ran to the hose but J being J got their first because lets face it he is wayyy 2 fast anyways i remembered tht we had another hose it was shorter but it would do, i attached it to the tap n we started sprayin each other, after a few min we heard the door bell i knew tht it was the guys cuz the gurls live farther so yea i sprayed J 1 last time n ran to the door i was start struck at first but the got my self together 

Vonnie:" hey im Yvonne but u guys can call me Vonnie" they all smiled

Connor:" hi im Connor but u can call me Con"

Tristan:" hi im Tristan but u can call me Tris"

James:" hi im James"

Brad:" hi im Bradley but u can call me Brad" i smiled n welcomed them in

Brad:" so ur the famous Vonnie"

Vonnie:" depends wat have u heard"

Tris:" tht u can fight, tht ur a lot of fun, tht ur nice, tht u can be mean and tht J loves u a lot"

Vonnie:" we then thts me"

Con:" were u guys havin a water fight" i nodded

Vonnie:" J i still in the back u guys can go back if u want ill meet u guys there im just gonna get a drink" they nodded n went to the back, i walked to the kitchen n got some water when i was done drinkin the water i went to the back n  saw the guys talkin so i took the chance to the hose n spray the guys with water

J:" oh ur so gonna pay for tht"

Vonnie:" no i wont"

The Guys:" how much u wanna bet" they all started walkin closer so i started backin up

Vonnie:" nothin" i started runnin around the couch cuz the guys were chasin me

Vonnie:" come on guys im srry shouldn't tht be enough"

All:" nope" i ran up stairs which was a bad idea cuz they corned me

Jame:" so i heard ur ticklish"

Vonnie:" plz don't" they laughed n started ticklin

J:" we wont stop until u say their is no one more sexier than u guys"

Vonnie:" theirs *laughs* no one *laughs* more *laughs* sexier *laughs* than u *laughs* guys" they finally stopped ticklin me after i finally caught my breath i heard the door

Vonnie:" ill go get tht"

J:" is it the gurls babe" i nodded n went to open the door while the guys went to the livin room

Vienna:" hey Vonnie"

Vonnie:" hey Enna"

Terri:" heyyaa Vonnie"

Vonnie:" heyyy Ri"

Trashea:" hiyya Vonnie"

Vonnie:" hayyyy Shea"

Usha:" hiyyyaaa Vonnie"

Vonnie:" heyooo Ush" i hugged all of them n we all went to the livin room, i looked at the gurlls n they looked star struck

J:" reminds me of the first time we meet them" i laughed n went to sit on his lap he wrapped his arms around me

Vonnie:" aren't u guys gonna introduce ur selves"

i looked at the guys n they looked like they were in a trance me n J laughed i started thinkin tht id we meet like this then it would have been better tht J wouldn't have to worry abt me cuttin or not eatin or maybe just maybe even killin my self i guess J saw tht i stopped laughin n saw tht i had some few tears on my eyes n wipped them, he then put his index finger on my chin makin me look at him

J:" wat r u thinkin abt bby"

Vonnie:" i was thinkin if we meet like this then it would be better n more memorable" he smiled

J:" but the way we meet was memorable its something tht i would never forget.. it was special" i smiled

Vonnie:" i was also thinkin tht maybe just if u had a different gurl then u would be happier because u wouldn't have to worry abt tht gurl"

J:" bby don't think like tht im happier with u n so wat if i might have to worry sometimes it doesn't mean tht i wouldn't love u any less n trust me i will never be happy without u bby i love u for u" i smiled

Vonnie:" i love u for u 2 babe" we laughed

J:" can i have a kiss bby" i smiled

Vonnie:" u don't gotta ask" i leaned n kissed him our lips goin in sync i started runnin out of breath so i started lookin his weak spot which was pretty easy cuz when i found it he started moanin he turned me over so tht he was on top of me, he was abt ot start kissin me again when we heard Con

Con:" YO MAN WERE STILL HERE" we both laughed n J got off me

Bradley:" is tht a love bite mate" 

J:" where?"

Sha:"here" she handed him a mirror from her purse he looked at his neck n saw it n laughed

J:" i guess it is"

Vonnie:" have u guys talked yet" they nodded the gurls walked over to the guys n sat on their laps me n J looked at each other n smiled like idots , I remembered tht i promised tht i would Skype my gurls right know they said tht they would stay up i looked at the time n saw tht it was 2:30pm so it would be 10:30pm

Vonnie:" babe ima go get my laptop n Skype Lisha n em" he nodded n let go of me i ran up stairs n got my laptop i ran back down stairs n placed it on the table n logged in i saw tht they were online i decided to call Alex cuz i knew she would answer

Vonnie:" u guys can come n sit next to us" they nodded n sat next to us, after a few rings Alex picked up i placed the laptop to where everyone could be seen 

Alex:" haayyyy bby gurl haayyyy bae"

Vonnie:" heyy babe"

J:" hey bae" we laughed Tom came sat next to Alex

Vonnie:" hey Tom Tom"
Tom:" hey bae hey J hey Lads hey gurls"

J:" hey Tom"

Brad:" hey Tom"

Con:" hey Tom"
Tris:" Hey Tom"

James:" Hey Tom"
Sha:" Hey Tom"
Shea:" Hey Tom"

Ri:" Hey Tom"

Enna:" Hey Tom" they waved

Vonnie:" i love u guys n all but where everyone at"

Tom:" we feel it we know when u don't wat us"

Vonnie:" NO i want u guys to say i was just askin where they were"

Alex:" their in the other room i can call them"

J:" yea tht would be awesome" a min later everyone came in the room

Me+J:" happy 5 year anniversary guys"

Brad n the guys:" hope u guys r havin a blast"

Usha n the gurls:" we really miss u guys here" the guys all smiled

The guys:" aww thnks mates" we smiled

Nath:" have u talked to Cody n Lila since they went to tour"

J:" yea we talked to them yesterday how abt u"
Chels:" no not yet but we will tomorrow " we talked until it was midnight over thier

Jay:" well we gotta go now we have a lot more things to do tomorrow"

Chels:" well talk to u guys later we promise"

Them:" byyeeeee baes"

Us:" baii babes" we waved logged off n closed our laptops

James:" so wat should we do since its only 4:00"

Shea:" we can go to a park"

Vonnie:" tht sounds like fun, we all in??"

they all nodded, we all walked to the van n drove to the park when we got there, there was some fans they asked me, the gurls n the gurls for pics which we gladly took, i ran back to the van to get the soccer ball when i came back i saw they were still takin pics so i decided to just watch them this time when they were done we went to play soccer, the game ended 5-4 we won of course mostly because we were distractin the guys a lot  

Enna:" now u guys owe us piggy back rides" they groaned which made us laugh, we jumped on their back n they took us to the van, we drove home when we got home we all just feel on couch because we were all exhausted

Sha:" how abt we just watch a movie"

Ri:" tht sounds awesome"

Brad:" wat movie do u guys have"

J:" we have a lot  we will bring them down" we both ran up stairs n got the movies, we ran back down stairs n put some movies, Brad, Con, Tris, James, Ri, Sha, Shea and Enna ended up sleepin over which was coo


heyooooo ikno ikno im gettin worse n worse on updatin its mostly because i Just finshed makin a quiz on Qoutev n i have another Fan Fic on WattPad, the other Fan Fic is called Bullied ( The Wanted Fan Fiction) its doin pretty good Justin's also in it so yea haha the Quiz is called Convo with TW so yea haha anyways thnks to all my readers my view r defiantly goin up so thnks i will try to update as much as i can anyways love u guys

From Yhur 1 And Only Yvonne <3 





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