But I Care

Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


15. Hate


         Yvonnes POV:

I woke up and checked the time it was 9:30 I looked over and saw tht Justin was still asleep he look so adorable and innocent when he was asleep I couldn't resist I had to take a pic so I took on and posted on twitter with a caption tht said  my babe looks like a lil angle,  I instantly got a lot of favorites retweets and comments some of the which I tried to take in EX:

ur a fat bitch justin doesn't actually like u, ur a goldin bitch u only want him for his money, ur so fat I don't even know how Justin even likes u, ur more fat than 3 pigs combined, ur  1 of the ugliest girls tht I have ever seen. after I saw those tweets I wanted to got to the bathroom and just cry so when I tried to get up Justin's arms were wrapped around my waist tightly so I tried to lossen them up after a while I was able to get free so I ran to the bathroom and started cryin I started to search his cabinets and found a razor and started cuttin.

Vonnie: " 1) for being fat another 1 for being ugly a 3rd 1 for me being me" after I was done I started lookin for a towel or some thing tht will stop the bleedin when I got it the I just wrapped around my arm when my arm stopped bleedin I put it on the laundry bag and hope tht Justin wouldn't find it I went back to bed and layed there thinkin but as usual my thoughts were cut short by Justin.

Justin: " wat r u thinkin abt " he scared me because I guess I was really deep in my thought I quickly pulled my sleeves down and hoped tht he didn't notice.

Justin:" wat r u tryin to hide" I had to lie but I cant lie to him im a horrible liar but gottaa give it a shot.

Vonnie:" ummm..it...ummm..... nothing" gosh tht went horrible

Justin:" ikno ur lyin ur a horrible liar now wat r u tryin to hide" I knew tht I couldn't get out with this mess so I pulled up my sleeve and showed him my cuts he looked down at my arms and back at me I looked at his eyes and there was a mixture of disappointment, sympathy and curiosity so I explained to him abt the whole beliber thing and all the things tht they said abt me I even showed him my phone so he could see how it was when he finished I started to cry so he pulled me into a huge.

Justin:" im really srry trust me ur not ugly ur goergous and  ur definitely not a gold digger cuz u barley ever let me buy u anythang and when u do I barley spend any money on u"

Vonnie:" u really mean it" he nodded there was still 1 thing tht bugged me he never said tht he like me I guess he saw tht something was buggin me.

Justin:" wats buggin u babe"

Vonnie:" its just tht u never said tht u liked me"

Justin:" tht because I..I.. love u" I was shocked for a second and thought abt everythin tht has happened these past month and I definitely loved him back.

Vonnie:" Justin I-" Justin cut me off

Justin:" u don't have to say it I don't want to force into anything u don't wanna say"

Vonnie:" u didn't let me finish I love u 2"

he smiled and came to kiss me I kissed back it started to get more intense by the min he licked my lip askin for permison which I gladly accepted our tongues were fightin his tongue won which caused him to smirk he we both started to run out of air so he started to kiss my neck he kept on goin until he found my weak spot I tried not to moan while he started to give me hickeys he put his hand under my shirt I pulled away because I knew where this was goin and I wasn't ready.

Vonnie:" Justin im not ready to go all the way im srry"

Justin:" its alright Vonnie u don't have to be srry we can do it when u feel ready"

Vonnie:" thnks it means a lot" I kissed him on the cheek

Justin:" is tht all I get??" I just nodded, he started to chase me I ran downstairs and saw Max so I hide behind him.

Vonnie:" hide me Max"

Max:" wait wats goin on" Justin explained but only the part of where we both said i love u and the kiss on the cheek im glad he didn't say the part of where we were abt to have mornin sex, the guys just look at me with a evil smirk on their faces i knew tht i was in trouble i tried to hide behind the girls but they were also on Justin's team... great now everyone is gonna gain up on mei tried runnin but Alex and Lila tackled me so now Justin was tickilin and I was dyin I finally gave up and gave him wat he wanted a kiss.

Vonnie:" there.... happy" he just nodded

Jay:" so wat r we gonna do today?"

Tom:" how abt roller-skatin" we all agreed to roller-skatin the problem was tht I wasn't tht good at roller skatin"

Yvonne's  Pov:

when we got to the skatin place acouple beliebers came up to since Justin wasn't there and said tht 'I was a fat pig', 'a hoe', 'a slut',' a gold diggin bitch' when they left I ran to the bathroom and started cryin afew min later Lila,Alex,lisha,Tash and Chels came in the bathroom to check up on me I guess.

Lila:"babe u okay?"

Vonnie:" no I don't know wat to do lila"

Lila:" this must be serious she never calls me lila unless its dead serious"

Lisha:" baby gurrl wats wrong u know u can trust us we got ur back no matter wat" I explained the whole problem with the belieber and they just hugged me sayin it was okay and as soon as I was calm enough we went out to meet the guys.

Nath:" wat happened r u guys okay"
Cody:" yea u guys were in there for a while"
Alex:" yea were okay"
Justin:" wait is it abt wat happened this morning?" I knew wat he meant so I just nodded he came and gave a huge bear hug after the hug the guys just looked confused so I explain everythin to them when I was done me checks were wet with tears Justin saw this and just wiped the tears with his thumb and hugged me, this was exactly wat I needed a nice huge from Justin for the rest of the day Justin stayed by my side and so did the rest of the guys, the day was full of girls mean muggin me and the girls, as we were walkin out a girl elbowed me and the girls this time I had enough.

Vonnie:" u know wat I can take tht u don't fuckin like us but tht doesn't mean u have to go and elbow us like the fuck tht just fuckin childish so wat if were goin out with these guys it don't mean were gold diggers it doesn't mean tht u guys have to actually to hate thts not gonna earn anyones love ppl r just gonna hate on u and r gonna get annoyed with ya trust me I was a belieber I still am and whenever I saw hate abt Jelena,Narianna or any of the other guys with their girl friends at the time  it annoyed the chiet out of me and now tht its happenin to us now let me just tell ya it sucks ass and just cuz the guys r goin out with us it doesn't mean tht they don't love u any less so get some fuckin sense also imagine if u were goin out with them and gettin all the hate how would u fuckin fell so just think abt tht next time" everyone except my gurls were shocked.

Chels:" ya tell them gurll"

Lila:" yea my gurll just told ur mother fuckin ass Bitchesssss"

Lisha:" thts my gurll right there"

Alexa:"Woooo I tought her all she knows"

Tash:" Ur asses just got told bitchesss" I was laughin at my gurlls after afew seconds 1 of the belieber said somethang.

Belieber:" well..well.. ur all fat" Justin snapped out and finally said somethang which I was happy abt.

Justin:" first of all she is not fat and second of all if u were a true belieber or prisoner or simpsoner (srry if I didn't spell tht right again) then u would support any of our relationships" the 2 beliebers looked shocked because they saw how angry Justin was at them and just left after they left the rest of the guys snapped out of their shockness (idc if thts not a real word I just used so deal with it bitchesss haha)

Cody:" I never knew u had tht side in ya"

Nath:" now ikno not to get u mad"

Jay:" wow I knew u could be feisty"

Tom:" wat out mate u got a feisty 1"

Max:" wow just wow"

Justin:" dameee my never knew my babe could be feisty meow!" I just laughed and hugged all of the after tht we went to eat cuz it was 6:30 so we spent part of the day at the skatin place, we got to our table and the waiter saw she was servin Justin Bieber, The Wanted and Cody Simpson so she tried to flirt with them and whenever she got to us she kept on mean mugging us when we got our drinks she spilled on of them on Alex I could see she wanted to fight this chick she went up to her and punched her Tom quickly stood up and held her back.

Alex:" Ur fuckin lucky tht he is holdin me back because I swear if he wasn't u would be needin a fuckin hospital" she was tellin the truth anytime Alex got into a fight she always won and the other person usally had to go a hospital, I looked around and saw tht the guys were all shocked again I was the first to say somethang.

Vonnie:" Thts y u don't get piss her of dame wats up with u she didn't even do chiet to u in the first place" the waiter stood up and got a drink and spilled it on me this time I was pissed as fuck I got up and punched her on her nose so hard I think it broke Justin stood up and held me back Alex was more pissed and tried to Toms grasp but he was 2 strong I also tried but it didn't work .

Alex:" ur so fuckin lucky tht their holdin us back" the waiter came up to me and Alex and slapped us this time Justin and Tom let go of Alex went and punched her face when she was done I went and kicked her stomach afew times until I felt I was okay she wasn't tht bad just a broken nose and a couple bruises we left her as she was tryin to go to the bathroom to check on herself. The ride home was quiet but when we got home Chels was the first to break the silence.

Chels:" Danmeee u guys beat her ass up"

Vonnie:" whole point "

Alex:" She actually thought tht she could get away with all tht she did"
Max:" Kay know I am definitely scared of u guys"

Alex:" u don't have 2 unless u guys have done something" they all shock there heads really quick

Cody:" Vonnie I never saw u as the bad ass type of chick" 
Vonnie:" thts wat a lot of ppl think but after all the tings I went through I learned how to fight and stand up for myself" they just nodded

Justin:" now ikno not to mess with u" I just laughed and hugged him, we talked until 10:00 cuz I started to feel sleepy so I went upstairs after I changed I heard a knock on the door.

Vonnie:" come in"  Justin head peaked through the door when he saw I was fully dressed he came in and stripped into his boxers I couldn't help but stare at his abs dame this guy was fine I guess he noticed cuz he smirked and winked at me after a while I started to feel like it was hard to keep my eyes open because of justins heart beat and the warmth of his body I guess he noticed.

Justin:" go to sleep baby"
Vonnie:" But im not sleepy" he smiled at me and started to sing he knew tht this was how I fall asleep.

Justin:" night baby love u"

Vonnie:" night love u 2" after tht I let the darkness take over


Heyooooo Ikno I said tht I would update like 2 days ago but I didn't have the time srry so I was like y not update today and make it long so here u go and btw I am sore as fuck cuz our church had a family day so I had to run around but atleast there was good food, a bouncy castle and the ppl I love were there so awesome anyways haha thnks to my 200+ readers Wat!!!! thnk u so much <3 anyways I know wat some of yall r thinkin this gurll need to stop ramblin like chiet hahaha srry and wat do u think of this chapter ikno I would not mess with them even tho I can fight anyways

Love u guys from yhur 1 and only Yvonne <3





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