But I Care

Okay so my name is Yvonne I get bullied at school and my dad and mom abuse everyday they also drink and smoke and if you really wanna know I am full black and I only have 3 friends Chelsea or Chels , Delilah or Lila and Alexandra or Alex. Oh yea almost forgot I am a hugeeee Belieber wat can I say ya gotta love the Biebs and 1 last thing my best friends r my couzins well except Delilah she is my younger sis


4. food CX

  Yvonne's POV:

 Me and Justin were goin out for breakfast I really feel bad because I feel like I am using him and thts not wat I am even tryn to do to tell the truth... I am a huge beliber  and ikno how most beliebers could get and I really cant take tht.


We got our table and looked at the menus. We finally got a waitress and when she saw tht it was Justin Bieber and started to flirt with him I have to admit I was gettin jealous until I saw Justin's face it was priceless he even asked for  a different waiter and can I say he look oolllddd.

 Yvonne: ur face was priceless

after tht I bust out laughin.

 Justin: haha how could I keep a nice face when she was tryin to flirt

 Yvonne: Haha she doesn't even know how to flirt 

After I said tht sentence the waiter came.

 Waiter: Wat can I get u guys.

 Justin: ummm... can I get chocolate pancakes and orange juice'

 Waiter: kay and wat can I get for u

 Yvonne: same as him but can I have apple juice instead?

 Waiter: okay 2 chocolate pancakes and orange juice and apple juice comin up

When we got our food I saw 2 familiar faces, when they got closer I saw tht it was Chels and Lila and they were comin our way so I guess they saw us 2.

 Chels: Hey gurll

 Lila: Hey boo

 Yvonne: Hey babes wat y'all goin here

 Chels: nun just goin for a walk

 Thts when they saw Justin

 Chels: Yo gurl u gonna introduce us or nahh?

 Yvonne: oh haha srry ,Justin these r my girls Chelsea and Delilah, Girls this is Justin

 Lila: Gurl wen were u gonna tell us u meet Justin Bieber

 Yvonne: Idunno when I felt it was time to tell ya and can I talk to y'all latter like when I am done eatin or tomorrow

Luckily chels and Lila got the memo tht I really wanted to be alone with him.

 Lila: Kay, don't have to much fun ;)

 Chels: Yea we don't want our gurl comin pregnant haha

  Justin: Haha trust I wont do tht

 Yvonne: And Y'all know I a'int tht easy haha

 Chels: We know :) anyways baii wifey and bye Bieber and u can call me  Chels

 Yvonne: Baii huby

 Justin: kay bye chels

 Lila: Baii babe and bye Biebs btw u can call me Lila

 Yvonne: Baii babe

 Justin: Kay bye Lila

 with tht we hugged them and they let, thnk God 

 Yvonne: So how u like my girls u think they were coo enough for ya haha

 Justin: There coo there funny 2

 Yvonne: Hahaha i will tell them tht next time

since we were done eatin we decided to go shopin since i didn't have any clothes, i really hope he doesn't buy anything expensive for me.

Yvonne's POV:

when we got to the mall we went straight to forever 21 and bought these:





and those were just the few of many i really did feel spoiled and thnk full to have him.

Justin: So u ready to go home 

Yvonne: I was born ready mostly because i am extenuated 

Justin: hahaha then leggo

Yvonne: Btw thnks for buyin me these clothes i really feel bad tht we spent tht much money

Justin: ur welcome and np it was my treat and u deserve it u have gone trough a lot

before we knew it we were at the parkin lot.

Justin: know the challenge findin my car hahaha

i knew justins care perfectly so it didnt take tht long to find it

Yvonne: Found it!! haha

Justin: wow u found it fast

Yvonne: haha its a talent

And with tht we got in the car.



Justin's POV:

We just got to my house  i really hope she doesn't feel like she is usin me but i gotta say she has swag cant wait to take her out later.





(thnks for my 30+ reader i never thought tht anyone would actually read my story but aye u guys did thnks so much) 

Love yhur 1 and only 

Yvonne :-*

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