Kyle and Mia

This book is about how me and Kyle met. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Anna Grace Jackson, on May 17th, 2014. This will be better when its finished.


5. We Started Dating

I stood there at prom, slow dancing with Kyle. Our eyes locked and I rested my head on his chest. "Your different than other girls, and that's what I love about you." Kyle said and I looked up at him. "You love things about me?" I asked him and he blushed. "I do. Mia, do you think we could go on a date and maybe start dating?" He asked me and I just looked at him. "Of course." I said and he smiled. I felt like time was always freezing when I was around.


"Now its time to announce our prom King and Queen." Said Mr. Hendrickson. Everyone stopped dancing or doing anything and a drum roll was going. "Our King of Oceanside High School Prom is......Kyle Jackson!" Everyone was cheering and I nudge him up to the stage. "Yay Kyle!" I yelled as the crown was placed on his head. He looked so cute standing up there. "Our Queen of Oceanside High School Prom is Mia Brennan!" The crowd cheered and I walked up to the stage, nervously.


"Our prom Queen and King of 2009." Even teachers were clapping and me and Kyle bowed. Such a special moment for us. The rest of the night was magical me and my new boyfriend laughed, ate and danced. On the last song of the night, Kyle reached in to kiss me. I decided to kiss him back, duh I am Irish. Have you ever heard of the quote, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" EXACTLY.

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