Kyle and Mia

This book is about how me and Kyle met. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Anna Grace Jackson, on May 17th, 2014. This will be better when its finished.


2. Seeing Him?!

(Mia's P.O.V)

I brushed back my hair at the end of math class and turned around to pick up my backpack. As I had bent over and stood back up, a really cute boy was staring at me. He had brown hair and dark brown eyes. His skin was light and smooth looking. He smiled back and he blushed as he grabbed his stuff and left.


A girl named Julia showed me my locker and helped me to adjust. "Thank you, Julia." I said as I undid my locker and opened it. I sat all my stuff up around the locker and rested my backpack on it's hook. There was the cute boy again at the water fountain across the hall.


I tried to not dare myself into liking a boy even though I have only been here at this school for 20 minutes. He smiled and waved at me and went down the hall to his next class. "Hey Mia, its time to go to biology class then its lunchtime." I smiled and she saw the cute boy wave at me. "Oh my gosh, that Kyle Jackson and he just waved at you!"


I grinned and blushed. "I have only been here for 20 minutes and I already have my first crush here. So is Kyle Jackson a popular guy here at Oceanside?" She smiled from ear to ear. "He is the most popular boy you will even dare to meet here at this school." Julia grabbed my arm and we headed to biology class together.

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