Kyle and Mia

This book is about how me and Kyle met. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Anna Grace Jackson, on May 17th, 2014. This will be better when its finished.


4. Prom...wait what!?

(Mia's POV)

I looked up at the board in biology and Mr. Peters was teaching. "So then I want you guys to-" The bell rang and cut him off. "Never mind. Have a good weekend, everyone!" He said and I grabbed my backpack and slid it onto my back and walked out to my locker quickly. "Wait, Mia!" I heard a familiar voice from behind me. "Oh, hey Kyle." I said and we smiled at each other. "I was wondering if you were planning to go to prom, and if you were, would you like to go with me?" Kyle said and I was shocked that he wanted to go to a dance with me already.


"Sure, I would like that, Kyle." I smiled and he grinned. "Great, see you Monday, Mia." He said and we went our separate ways. I turned around to look at him and he did the same and we both laughed in embarrassment. Kyle asked me to go to prom with him. I grabbed out my phone and text Charlotte, my best childhood friend from Ireland, to talk to her.

Me: Charlotte, you wont believe what just happened.

Lottie: What?

Me: You know that guy, Kyle, I told you about?

Lottie: Ya, what about him? Is everything okay, Mia?

Me: He asked me to prom already!

Lottie: Wow, he must really like you to have done that.

Me: I think so too, I like him back.

Maybe I did kind-of have a crush on Kyle Jackson, sweet, funny, nice, talented, athletic.

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