Kyle and Mia

This book is about how me and Kyle met. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Anna Grace Jackson, on May 17th, 2014. This will be better when its finished.


3. Lunch and First Words

(Julia's P.O.V.)

Wow, if Mia could get Kyle to like her, I would be the cutest couple in school's best friend! I fixed my hair up into a bun and me and Mia walked to the cafeteria. Kyle sat with some of his friends and they were laughing so hard, until Mia and I walked over. "Hey boys. Hey Jake." I said and I nudged Mia to talk to Kyle.


"Hello I'm Mia, Mia Brennan." The boys were staring at her and nudging one another. "Its very nice to meet you." Said Jake, Kyle's best friend who is like a brother. "Come on, we better get some lunch before the delicious Papa John's Pizza is gone. We walked over and grabbed our lunches and sat down across the other side of the cafeteria.


"Do you like Jake, Julia?" Mia asked me and I started blushing. "So you do like him! I knew it and you just wanted to hide it." I ate my way into the cheesy pizza. I laughed a little and Jake saw me and he smiled, while I of course blushed and spazed out. The bell rang and it was time for class.


We walked to class and Kyle caught up to Mia and they walked together while Jake did the same. "How about you want to hang out Friday?" I blushed so hard because I never knew that Jake would ask me that in my whole life. "Friday at 8:00." We talked all the way to class.

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