A Can A Day

Marta, a fourteen year old girl from Kansas is trying to save the life of a kid who lives with his mother and father, alcoholics.
Soup cans can cost up to five cents and every little piece counts. To save Tommy, this boy, she will have to collect over two hundred cans so he can go to The Preacher's House, a home for young boys in need of a family.
In this book, you will see the true meaning of friendship, hope, and courage, all wrapped up by a world changing event.


1. Chapter One

I can visualize how unconditionally unstable people are. Bones as thin as toothpicks, as weak as a fly, and a mind so unintelligent a conversation cannot even be established. 

Living in Margo Lake is where you experience those characteristics. The poverty is so high and yet people do nothing to change that. All I ever do is donate to a food pantry or to help the working poor. yet the society today is letting them down, and we are society.


I outlined the pink chalk for hopscotch with my little sister Emma. I encountered the little old man wearing old clothes singing a song. I've memorized it, and he likes to talk to the little toddlers who aimlessly wonder. All the man wants is some food, but other mothers will tug the kids inside like he is sick or something. 

I've met him; his name is Keith. He was a married man, but got divorced a few years back. He was unemployed before that, too, but now he is in desperate look for a job.

Emma shipped and hopped around the pink chalk as I watched her and did some math homework for the summer, originally due the first week of school. Emma was in love with the squares that could almost go on forever in her mind, and she had a huge love for the outdoors. When I was only eight, Emma was born, just about at this time, and all she loved to do was play all day with her slobber filled blanket and stuffed animals. Now, only six years old, went from a slobbering baby to a girl who can watch a bug move and be amused.


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