Sent Away

lulu and lacie are twins that go live in England with their aunt. Who will they meet?


3. Ed Sheeran

Nina Nesbitt is who plays Lulu FYI

 Lulu POV:

I walk down to the first floor, immediately smelling the sweet scent of waffles. I run to the kitchen to be greeted by Lacie and Aunt Jamie. "Morning Lovely!" My aunt calls from the table. "Food!" I yell ignoring her. Lacie rolls her eyes and whispers "Don't take it offensive, she does it to everyone" 


"Lacie, want to go exlore the neighborhood?" I ask sweetly. "Why not, just please, this time don't run after animals or whatever" She laughs. "Deal!" I yell pulling on my boots. We walk out the door and start down the street. "Lulu!" A voice calls from the yard near us. I turn and see Louis running towards us. "Hi Louis!" I smile. He stops in his tracks and looks at the two of us. Lacie did'nt straighten her hair today so I don't think he could tell us apart. I laugh as I keep walking. Lacie grabs my arm and Whispers "Is that Louis Tomlinson?" I nod and she screams a bit. "I'm sorry about her" I apoligize. Hmm, usually it's the other way around.

"Louis, this is my sister Lacie"  I introduce her. "It's a pleasure" He says sweetly. "How bout that tour?" He asks the two of us. "Oh thank god, we had no clue where we are going" Lacie laughs. "Who would you like to meet?" Louis asks looking around. "Ed Sheeran!" I yell happily. He laughs at my excitement. I hear screaming behind us and I turn around. A bunch of fans stand by the gates literally daily, but security is jam tight. 

Lou leads us to a slight smaller house than ours. He knocks on the door proudly. Ed opens the door and I die inside. He is the definition of perfect. I mean his hair, his voice, his eyes, I mean c'mon Ed, lets get married and have children. "Lulu, your staring" Lacie whisers in my ear. I blush and avoid eye contact. "It's okay, love" Ed chuckles. Louis laughs in the corner with Lacie.

"Ed" Ed introduces himself, looking at me. THE Ed Sheeran is looking at me. "Lulu" I blush. We get to know each other or awhile.


"Oh shoot! It's noon" I say checking my phone. "I'll see you around Ed!' Lacie and I say walking towards the door. "Ed, how bout you come over tonight?" Louis asks walking towards the door. "Sure" Ed says. I mentally freak out. Ed Sheeran will be next to my house. "See ya!" We all yell walking out the door. "Anyone else?" Louis asks. "Well, I love a few others but I don't feel like moving anymore" I say groaning. "You're so lazy" Lacie kicks me. I stick my tounge out at her and she does it too. "You guys want to have lunch with us?" Louis asks, laughing at our stupidity. Lacie nods entusiastcally. "Why not?" I say. "Race you to the house" I yell running towards One DIrections house. Wow, didn't think i'd be saying that last week. 

Louis runs infront of me. Oh no, nobody beats Lulu Lynn Baye. I stick my foot out, trying to get lead again, causing him to fall on his face. I laugh but keep running. "Woo" I chant pumping my fist and I run in his front door, still yelling. I slam the door and take a dee breath, causing strange looks from the boys. "Hey" I yell acting like nothing happened. They laugh and say hi. 

"Hey Lulu" Niall says from the kitchen. "Sup Niall" I ask joining him. "Looking for food" He says looking in the fridge. "Story of my life" I mumble. "Storyy of my life, I take her home" The four boys belt. I laugh at them. Louis and Lacie walk in the door and I laugh at Louis's grass stained pants. "Lulu 1 Louis 0" I yell running u to him. "You cheated" He pouts. "Sorry" I laugh hugging him. "Your forgivin, just watch your back." He murmurs. 

I look up and see the rest of the boys staring at Lacie and I, silently. "Twins" Harry says thinking we can;t hear to Niall. Niall fist bumps him and I just giggle. "This is Lacie, the mature one" I joke. She gives me a death glare. "Oh Harry, Ed is coming over soon." Louis says grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. He smiles as do I. "Awe does little Lulu have a crush on Ed?" Zayn coo's.

"Do not" I blush

"Do too"

"Jerk" I say under my breath. The rest of the boys laugh. "Anways" Louis says ending the conversation. "I'm hungry" I say sadly. "Same girl" Niall says in an american white girl accent. I smile and the boys and sit at the tabel with Niall, soon joined by Louis and Harry. "So why are you with your aunt?" Niall asks. "My parents left for a buisness trip" I say looking at him. "How long are you here?" Louis asks. I look at Harry who's intensely staring at me, and shy down a bit. He winks as he notices me looking at him. "Seven months" I say looking away from Harry. I flash my eyes over to him fr a second and see him still smiling. I awkwardly sit there, not knowing where to look, until Lacie sits down. "Lacie good" I say looking at her. She laughs. Liam puts down the food and sits next to Lacie. I smirk at her and she tenses in her seat a bit. Liam was always her favorite, he seems mature like her. 

We sit eating our food, not saying anything. "Listen Rose, You're gonna get out of here, you're gonnaon and you're gonna make lots of babies, and you're gonna watch them grow. You're gonna die an old.... An old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. Not like this, do you understand me?" I say dramatically quoting Titanic. Lacie and I watch it all the time.

All the boys looka t me confused then Lacie stands up and says "I can't feel my body" Causing more strange looks from the boys.

"Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me.. It brought me to you. And I'm thankfu for that, Rose. I'm Thankful. You must do me this honor. Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise." I say faking a cry. The boys start to laugh a bit. 

"I promise" Lacie says faking a cry also. "Never let go" I say softer, still standing. 

"I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go." Lacie says with a smile. We start bust out laughing, soon followed by the boys. "Why do I have the feeling you do that a lot?" Harry asks smirking. "Hey Michigan gets boring" I defend myself earning another laugh. Harry keeps examining me, causing me to freak out. What's on my face? Oh god.

I look at Lacie and give her that look we give each other when we need to talk in private. "Lulu! We need to go call mom" Lacie lies grabiing my wrist and pulling me towards the door. "Bye! See you later" I call as I run out the door with Lacie. We wait until we get in Jamie's house until she speaks. "What?" She asks eagerly. "Harry keeps staring at me and it was getting really awkward. He even winked at me!" I say loudly. She grins and says "Ooh."

"So who do you think is cutest?" She laughs. "I don't know, but i'm pretty sure I know yours." I tease. "Liam is life" She laughs. We sit there on the couch silently for a moment. "We really should call mom though" Lacie suggests. I agree and pull out my laptop. I open up skype and click my mom's contact. I see my parents face pop up on the screen. 

"Mom!" Lacie yells. "Dad" I wave. I've always been closer to my father. "Hi girls! How is it?" Mom asks. "Amazing! We already made friends and this house is huge!" Lacie says happily. "Where's Jamie?" Dad asks. "Working all night" I sigh. 

"Oh hello girls!" Mr. Bohr greets us. "Hi Mr. Bohr" I yell turning the camera to face him. "This is the butler but he's cool" I smile. My parents say hello and continue talking to us. 


I look at the time and see we have been talking non stop for an hour and ten minutes. "I'm going up to my roomreal quick!" I say taking off up the stairs. I  walk in my room, out of breath. I open my curtains and see a shirtless Louis, changing into sweatpants. I smile a bit. He looks at me and rolls his eyes, and laughs. He opens his window and stares at me. "Like what you see?" He says with a serious face. "No" I blush. "You and Lacie should come back over. Ed's here" He teases. I glare at him. "We will, but not because Ed's there" I say confidently. "Fine see you then" He says quickly. "Yeah yu will" I say slamming my window.

I walk down the stairs, falling towards the end. "Moron" Lacie mutters. "Mom and dad had to leave but they said they loved you" She informs me. "Good, we are going to their place" I say putting on my boots and storming next door. I barge into the house, like I own it. Lulu 2 Louis 0. 

"Glad you are already comfortable" Zayn laughs. "Were is Louis?" I ask ignoring him. "Upstairs..?" He says unsurely. I walk up the stairs walking towards what seems to be his room. I knock on the door to be greeted with a happy Louis Tomlinson. "I told you i'd come" I smirk. "I knew you would" He says back. "So this is what the ledgenary room looks like?" I ask looking around. "Yup" Louis says walking out of the room and down the stairs. I follow him and see Lacie sitting with the boys and Ed in the living room. I plop down next to Lacie and Harry. "What do you want to do?" I ask. 

"Truth or dare?" Louis asks hopefully. All the boys groan. "We play this all the time" Liam sighs. "But now we have girls!" Louis says happily. I scrunch my eyebrows. What's that supposed to mean? "Fine" Harry agrees. Or course that would change his mind.

"Ed, truth or dare?" Liam asks. "Truth" He says. "Boo" I say throwing the closest thing to me at him. Which happened to be a remote that hit him in the head. Oops..? The night went on like this for awhile, Harry had to run into someones house yelling fire, Louis was almost naked, Niall had to sit on me, Lacie and I haven't been picked yet.

"Lacie, truth or dare?" Niall asks, on my lap still. "Truth" She says. "If you had to date one person in this room, who would it be?" He asks, earning a lot of oos. "Obviously me guys!' I yell. She laughs and says "Liam"Quietly. "What was that I couldn't hear you?" I yell making her mad. "Liam!" She says louder. I bust out laughing. "Silly girl, I was kidding!" I joke. She glared at me and said "Okay, Lulu, Truth or dare?". All the boys were closely paying attention. "uhh.. DAre?" I answer nervously. "Kiss one boy of your choosing" She said with a smirk.

"No no no no. You can't do that!"  I plead. "Shoud have thought about that" She smirks, victoriously. "But nobody wants my icky Lulu germs" I say sadly. "Pik or i'll pick for you" She says. "Pick for me so I don't feel as bad." I laugh. All the boys are starung at the two of us. "Harry" She says pointing to Harry next to me. I glare at her, she knows what happened earlier, that's why she did it. I mouthed a cruel word to her before turning to Harry. He was smiling like crazy. I lean in slowly. I stop myself "Do I really have to do this?" I ask beggingly. "A dares a dare" Ed says laughing. I flick him off and turn to my sister. "Oh, I thought Lulu wasn't scared to do anything? Is she finally turning down a dare?" She teases. My blood starts to boil, I turn to Harry and kiss him without thinking. I finally pull away and smile at my sister, satisfied. "Haha I win" I chant. I get an evil look from a pair of eyes across from me. Very farmiar eyes....





Okay this is probably really confusing but you know Idc. I don't know if my chapters are long enought though..? Someone should tell me xD I feel like I had something to inform you on but i forgot so....


Team Lulu and Louis?

Team Lulu and Ed?

Team Lulu and Niall?

Team Lulu and Harry?

Team Lulu and anyone else?

Team Lacie and Liam?

(Zayn is dating Perrie in this and Eleanor is REAL)

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