Night Rider.

Legend has it, there once was a family. They had been happy, or so they seemed happy. There was a mother, father, two sons, and a daughter. One stormy night, screams echoed throughout Stream Village, screams of this so called happy family. Murdered. Every last one of them, except the oldest boy and his stallion. But the boys body as well his stallion were found five miles away. A knife in the boys chest, and the horse with a broken neck. It's said the boy snapped, killed his family and horse then himself,

Ten years later, Kaiden Ehlers, top of his Journalism class is sent to the remains of Stream Village. Once he gets there he slowly uncovers secret after secret, such as sightings of the oldest boy and his pure white stallion at the graves of the family, kneeling there, touching he stone, then if you blinked. He was gone.


2. "Welcome to Stream Village."

"Welcome to Stream Village."

Kaiden's point of view.

I pulled into the small, barren, parking lot of the motel, instantly getting that 'red alert' feeling. All the curtains were drawn, the cement walls were cracked, and the front door seemed to be hanging on by one hinge.

"Sketchy much?" I muttered to myself as I put my beat up ford mustang in park. I looked around the parking lot, anxiety pumped through my veins. When I saw nothing anywhere near me, I slowly opened my door, still frightened by the scene. It seemed to be something from one of those old horror movies.. Or maybe slasher? With a shake of my head to clear my thoughts, I got out and walked to the back of the car to get my measly one backpack.

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and immediately stiffened. I wasn't built, I was literally a skinny white boy. If who ever was watching me wanted to, they could easily snap me in half.

"Hello?" I called weakly, then practically face palmed. Of course an ax murderer would answer, I can imagine it now. A shadowed figure came out of the shadows, a chain saw in hand, and a masked face, "oh hello, I'm sorry but I have to kill you. Please don't run, it just makes both of our jobs so much more difficult." He said as he walked up to me, and the next second the chain saw was cut..

I shuddered and immediately turned that thought off. "Stupid writer mind." I grumbled as I looked around once more, then quickly walked to the sorry excuse of a door, but didn't enter before I looked once more still feeling that someone was watching.

I went to open the door but felt panic grip my heart once again as it didn't budge. "Hello? I'm looking for a room? Is anyone there?" I called as I tried to open the door once again, but to no avail.

"Go away, we're closed! Come back in the morning," a rusty voice called back squashing any hope I had of sleeping somewhere other then my car. "And I suggest you get shelter, you probably already attracted His attention." The voice added as if an after thought.

"Who? Please, just let me in. It's mighty cold out here." I pleaded, hoping to appeal to some sort of mercy this person, whoever it was, had.

"No! Now go before He kills us all!" I heard once again and sagged in defeat.

"Ok, ok." I mumbled and shuffled back to my car, and took one last look around then ducked into it.

I let out a small sigh as I put the drivers seat as far down as it would go, then used my back pack as a pillow. I curled into a ball and closed my eyes trying to block out the cold and fear, also preparing myself for a long and sleepless night.

"Welcome to Stream Village, population 200, plus one deadly legend." I mumbled to myself as I hugged my knees even tighter as I started to count sheep, begging for sleep to come.

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