Night Rider.

Legend has it, there once was a family. They had been happy, or so they seemed happy. There was a mother, father, two sons, and a daughter. One stormy night, screams echoed throughout Stream Village, screams of this so called happy family. Murdered. Every last one of them, except the oldest boy and his stallion. But the boys body as well his stallion were found five miles away. A knife in the boys chest, and the horse with a broken neck. It's said the boy snapped, killed his family and horse then himself,

Ten years later, Kaiden Ehlers, top of his Journalism class is sent to the remains of Stream Village. Once he gets there he slowly uncovers secret after secret, such as sightings of the oldest boy and his pure white stallion at the graves of the family, kneeling there, touching he stone, then if you blinked. He was gone.


3. Welcome to Stream Village, population 200 plus 1 "deadly" legend.


Welcome to Stream Village, population 200, plus one "deadly" legend.


Kaidens Point Of View.


A groan slipped past my lips as I uncurled from my ball, multiple bones cracking in the process. I had to blink a few times until my eyes adjusted and all the sleep was gone from my eyes, almost immediately I sat up only managing to hit my knees on the steering wheel causing my horn to go off. With a soft gasp I pulled away and looked around trying to decipher where I was, the memories filtering back a few seconds later, the recognizable flutter of butterflies in my stomach from excitement. A grin plastered across my lips, I jumped from the car pulling my bag from behind me and closing the door in one swift movement. I retraced my steps from the night before and knocked on the door to the motel, a new perspective on things. It was morning, no "deadly legends" in sight, and no reason to not be allowed in now. 


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