Night Rider.

Legend has it, there once was a family. They had been happy, or so they seemed happy. There was a mother, father, two sons, and a daughter. One stormy night, screams echoed throughout Stream Village, screams of this so called happy family. Murdered. Every last one of them, except the oldest boy and his stallion. But the boys body as well his stallion were found five miles away. A knife in the boys chest, and the horse with a broken neck. It's said the boy snapped, killed his family and horse then himself,

Ten years later, Kaiden Ehlers, top of his Journalism class is sent to the remains of Stream Village. Once he gets there he slowly uncovers secret after secret, such as sightings of the oldest boy and his pure white stallion at the graves of the family, kneeling there, touching he stone, then if you blinked. He was gone.


1. Prologue.

I sat in my chair listening to Mr. Smith speak about the structure of sentences, grammar, and so on. But I could help but let my mind wander, he had told us of legend from this place about fifty minutes from here called Stream Village. It got it's name from a stream that ran throughout the village, the villagers who lived there believed that if the sun hit it a certain way, they'd have luck for a week. But if the sun hit it some other way I couldn't remember they would have bad luck.

"Mr. Ehler!" My head snapped from the window as Mr. Smith yelled my name, he was a larger man, and when angry a vein would bulge in his forehead, but when happy his stomach would jiggle. Almost like Santa Claus. "Am I boring you?" He asked and immediately I knew he was asking a trick question, he didn't necessarily want my answer. "I would like to speak you after class." He said and hung my head in shame as snickers and gasps were heard through out the classroom. The rest of the class went by in a blur as I slipped in and out of daydreams, but Mr. Smith never called on me again.

I shrunk in my seat as my fellow class mates walked out, some patting me on the back, or wishing me luck. But most just completely ignoring me.

After all the students left Mr. Smith sighed and my head snapped to his large form behind the desk. "Kaiden. What's going on? You're turning your work in late, not paying attention in class. Not participating, this isn't like you." He said and was right. This wasn't like me. I usually turned my homework in exactly on time if not early, and I always got As.

"I don't know, just can't focus." I said with a shrug and looked down.

"I want you to go to Stream Village." He said suddenly causing my head to snap up.

"Scuse.. Scuse me?" I stuttered, as I stared up at him shocked.

"You're my top student, and I think you can handle it. You have your final report do, and if you'd like you could do it on Stream Village, and all the legends." He said, as he leaned against a desk and his arms folded on his chests

Without thinking I jumped up full of excitement, causing the chair to fall behind me with a loud crash.

"When do I leave," I asked with a toothy grin.

"Friday." Mr. Smith said with a smile and got up shook and shook my hand. "But you better get your grades up, do you understand?" He asked and still high on excitement I nodded, in less then a week I would be leaving to a new own, to investigate, and write. This will be fun.

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