My Fairytale(Niall Horan Fan-Fic)

Kat Rella was the captain of the Cheer Squad and he was one of the best football players in the whole school. All the other guys that had asked her out in the past were jerks. He was her biggest crush and he also had a big heart. They would be the best couple in the school if they went out together and they'd also care for each other. High school was being kind of easy for them while it was hard for the other people but they were still popular.
If you want to find out more please read my story. I'll try to update as much as I can. Thnx, my little Tomatoes.


1. Love at last


I never thought that I would ever find true love in this world of morning zombies, but now I have. Today's the best day of my life ever!!! Niall Horan, yes THE Niall Horan asked me out today. EEEK!!! I can't wait! He's taking me to Worlds of Fun! A day, just the two of us. Were going tomorrow. I've got to go home and get ready.

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