Swept Away

Callie has planned the quintessential vacation to Hawaii. White sand beaches, clear blue waters, and she even gets to surf a tube wave --- her very first! The vacation is perfect, what could go wrong?

I know the blurb is kind of cheesy, but the movella is more interesting.

Hey guys, this is my first Movella, so don't hate. Leave comments please! ILYGSM!


2. Transported

      Suddenly, the water turned ice-cold around me. The clear water turned murky and I start to panic. I can't breathe, and I can taste the seasoned halibut I had earlier coming up, along with the pineapple passion fruit  sherbet I had for dessert.  My perfect vacation was turning from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds. I tumble around randomly, and I am pretty sure fish aren't in the sky. One second I am tangled in seaweed, the next I am catapulted throughout the air. Something hits my head, and I see red. Red is my whole world.

The red is tinged with black. 


My vision is blurring.  


I can't see. 


I feel myself slipping away. 


Trying to hold on. 


Can't stay awake. 


I need........


My world fades to black.

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