Swept Away

Callie has planned the quintessential vacation to Hawaii. White sand beaches, clear blue waters, and she even gets to surf a tube wave --- her very first! The vacation is perfect, what could go wrong?

I know the blurb is kind of cheesy, but the movella is more interesting.

Hey guys, this is my first Movella, so don't hate. Leave comments please! ILYGSM!


1. Day One

       Warm, sun-soaked sands, brisk, invigorating water, the melodious sound of exotic birds singing.......there is only one place I could imagine: Hawaii. From zip lining, scuba-diving, 
canoeing, swimming with sea creatures, and best of all, surfing, Hawaii has my all my dream 
pastimes. From the second in flew in, I could see the inviting, clear, cerulean ocean waters 
and the silky golden-white sands, and the clincher: perfect, foamy, smooth, surfable waves.
The second I landed, I went to my tropically scented, brightly colored plush hotel room and 
put on my sleek, black wetsuit. I was ready to hit the waves. 

     As I jogged to the beach, holding my sunscreen, I look at my perfectly waxed surfboard 
with a few chips from many summers ago. I remember the memories they hold and I can 
only hope that this dream vacation to Hawaii will give me few more. As I approach the 
waves, I feel like a little kid on their first time surfing; exhilarated, nervous, and excited. I step  
onto the shore, and as usual the sand is slightly harder here, beaten down by the ocean and packed down by the constant pattering of human feet. I walk all the way up to the waves now. My first step into the water is paradise. The water is cool and smooth. As I walk out further, I the waves begin to appear. As I venture into the deeper waters, I grab my board and start swimming. Once I pass the whitewash, I lay on my board, waiting for the ideal wave. 

     I feel the rumbling before the wave comes, and the water trembles beneath me like a 
scared child. I turn around, and the wave is coming towards me. I start paddling, and in seconds I am picked up by the power of the ocean. I stand up, perfectly steady, and ride the wave. Suddenly I look around and gasp. I am in a traveling wave tube, and my first one at that! I gaze at the glory of the ocean curled around me, and the sight of the sun sparkling through the  waves, and I forget everything but what is around me. This vacation is everything I hoped for, and much, much more. 


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