The Copper Contraption

In the steam-punk world new inventions are always welcomed, but not all will turn out to be safe for production...


1. The Battle.

The war was coming to an end, mass destruction, thousands of lives lost on the ground, but still the air pirates fought on. We had just flown our airship into the middle of a pirate ambush, they were looking for him, the Copper Contraption.
Cannons were fired in a tense shower of lead, copper and wood.
 Stumbling, I make my way to the bridge avoiding the piping hot bursts of steam escaping from the damaged pipes. 

I slide open the heavy brass doors and the cogs rotate and interlock to help. I gasp for air as I enter due to the stench of blood and gunpowder fills my nostrils. Through the steam I notice my desk, lunging I open the top draw to find my TriShaw pistol and piloting goggles. Suddenly an almighty light fills the room as I collapse. gasping for air I notice three men walk to my limp body. They then stand over me, tutting in shame... 

"We would of thought you would have put up more of a fight" one of the men said looking down shaking his head. He clicked his fingers and the second man pulled back his leg and kicked me in the head knocking me unconscious onto the riveted, cold, harsh metal floor.

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