Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



9. Chapter 8


  Acacia's Point of View:

 She hands me the sugary drink right away. I give her the money I owe and she smiles. I smile back and look for Liam. Once I find him, I make my way towards him. He smiles and takes a sip of his drink,

"Hey, what's up" I start the conversation. Today he is wearing regular jeans with a t shirt. I noticed that his hair has gotten longer. I like it longer. His eyes look tired and his lips are chapped. 

"Nothing much, I have been typing for hours" he rubbed his eyes and looks at his feet. I give him a frown feeling bad for him. I just really wish he didn't have to hide the book from me. 

"I'm sorry, maybe Mr.Young lecture will awake you" I laugh knowing it would make him even more sleepy. He laughs at my terrible joke,

"Yeah probably". He takes a look at his watch and gets up quickly. I do the same grabbing my drink in my hand. And my folders and books in the other. We leave Starbucks heading to the school. Liam starts talking about how much I missed in Mr.Young's class. I start having a headache about he talks about the assignments. We walk in the grass leading to the school. Liam opens the door as a gentlemen, I smile and thank him. I walk into the college walking to my first period class. Liam and I take our regulars sits as we wait for other to come in.


Students rush in 10 minutes later, taking their seats. I take out my journal waiting for what assignment Mr.Young wants us to do. Mr.Young comes in, a coffee in his hand and papers on the other hand. He takes out a pen and starts grading our papers. 

"D minus for jane, You're paper was terrible." he snarls at her making her eyes watery. Well no one said college is going to be easy. He hands mine back with a smile. 

"Nice job Acacia, you didn't fail" he mumbles passing out more papers. I smile looking at the grade I got. I peak over to see what Liam got. He got the same score as what I got. 

After Mr.Young was done, he stands in front on the class waiting for everyone to take out their journals. 

"Today you're assignment is going to write a report about an Influential person". 

I stare back at Liam, Well I already know who's he is going to pick. After class is over, I grab my binders and head out the door. I wave good bye to Liam and head to my dorm. Today was actually a nice day to walk. The sun was beaming on me. Maybe I should of worn shorts? I get to my dorm putting the key into the hole. I open it looking for Victoria. She isn't here? She never is. I find the familiar mop of curls laid against Victoria's bed.

"Where's Victoria" I ask him remembering the time I asked him this before. When I was in my towel. I shake away the thought waiting for him to talk,

"I don't know". he tells me. He looks up at me and looks away, 

'Then why are you here?" I say trying not to sound rude. But it's just a curious question. 

"I don't know, My roommate is fucking annoying". he spits out rolling his eyes. I nod my head sitting on my bed. Well isn't this awkward? I take out my binders and start doing my homework. He looks at what I'm doing and laughs. I roll my eyes,

'Don't you have homework to do" I raise an eyebrow at him. He shakes his head,

"I dont do homework babe". I cringe at him calling me Babe. I guess boys just do that. Victoria comes in the room with her boyfriend Will. Will has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He looks completely normal. I mean, he isn't goth like Victoria. Victoria smiles,

"This is Will Acacia, and Will this Acacia" Victoria says. Will holds out his hand so I can shake it. I put out my hand and shake his hand. He smiles and looks back at Victoria. 

"So, I thought we could all go out to eat" Victoria rambles on. Harry looks like he's going to throw up, 

'Count me out" harry says going to the door. Victoria runs towards him and gives him puppy eyes. He finally gives in. Victoria jumps happily. 


We arrive at the restaurant, they seat us admittedly, of course I'm across from Harry. Harry's head is leaned against the seat. And he has his phone in his hands. I listen as Victoria talks about how Will is so romantic.

'Shut up" Harry rolls his eyes not wanting to listen. 

The waiter comes over and has a pencil in his hand and a piece of paper. He smiles,

"Hello everyone, my name is Jim. And I will be your waiter today. Can I start everyone off with a drink?" he asked looking at everyone. Victoria orders then it's my turn,

"Water please". He writes it down and looks back at Harry. Harry gives him a dirty look and finally orders. 

I look around the restaurant, big red walls. And there's also a bar here, not that I even drink. The waiter comes back interrupting my thoughts. He hands everyone their drinks and takes everyone orders,

"So Acacia, How do you like college so far?" Will says looking at me. I take a sip of water so my voice isn't sore. 

"Amazing, I always go in the morning with my friend Liam for breakfast. Then,  we have Mr.young for Literary. And my other classes are amazing as well" I tell him, I watch as Harry chokes on his water,

"Liam?". I nod my head,

"Liam, meaning Liam payne?" he questions me. I nod my head once again not getting what's he asking for.

Harry laughs, "Liam is such a nerd, Honestly I don't know why your hangi-n" I stop him before he goes on. I can't just let him talk garbage about my friend. 

"First off, Liam is so sweet, and I don't care what you say about him. He's still going to be my friend. So keep your comments to yourself" I urge the words out of my mouth. Harry is about to talk as the waiter comes and hands us food.

He hands me my burger, I look inside of it and frown, He put cheese on it and I can't take it off because it's melted into the burger,

"Excuse me, can I have another burger. I don't like cheese" I tell him trying not to sound picky. He nods grabbing my plate to get me a new burger. I watch as everyone eats, gosh I'm hungry. Victoria hands me a fry and I thank her. My food comes back Quickly, I eat half of the burger. And then I noticed I'm stuffed. 

Will takes us home as he kisses Victoria bye. Victoria closes the door and smiles and jumps up and down. She screams,

"Thanks for going" she thanks me. I smile and notice I'm very tired. I say goodbye and I head to bed. 


"Alright class, everyone hand their papers, which were due last week" said Mr.Young taking a look around the room. I staple my paper together and I hand it in. I take a seat back into my seat waiting for the next instructions. After he is done collecting the papers, I take out my journal. 

"You're assignment today will be you're choice. Write about anything" he tells us. I nod, not sure about what to write about. I see that Liam is confused as well,

"Hey Liam, you should hand in that book you have been writing" I nudge. He laughs and shrugs his shoulders,

"Um, maybe" he says thinking about the assignment. The class ended shortly, I grab my folders and head out the door. I say goodbye to Liam as I head to my other classes.

I head to yoga class as I bump into someone. His hands grabbed my waist and pulled me up. I looked at the familiar face. He had a smirk on his face.

"Watch where you're going babe" says Harry. I watch as he picks up my binders. He hands them to me and looks the other way.

"Thanks" I mumble putting a strand of hand behind my ear. He nods as I watch him leave. Okay.. I walk down the halls heading to my next class. 



I will update a lot this week<3


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