Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



8. Chapter 7

Before you read here are the Character List, so you know what they look like in the book.


  Acacia Young-    Sasha Pieterse

  Harry Styles-       Harry Styles (You all know him:)

   Victoria-              Mae Whitman 

 Liam Payne-         Liam Payne (You all know him:)

 Colton-                  Austin Butler 

 Shannon-              Rachel Mcadams 

  Zayn Malik-        Zayn Malik( You all know him:)


Let's get back to the book, shall we?





 Acacia Point of View: 

 I open my eyes looking at his green shinning eyes, why do they keep appearing? I get  up quickly noticing no is here, expect him and well me. I rubbed my eyes looking around. He looks up at me and quickly looks away,

"How are you feeling?" he slurs leaning his head on the couch. I groan feeling like I'm going to throw up. I quickly hurry to the end of the hall and start vomiting in the toilet. After 2 minutes, I felt sick to my stomach. I rub my stomach wanting it to stop. 

'I'll take that as a no" he laughs. I roll my eyes at him as he laughs. He's annoying.

"Don't roll your eyes at me" he snaps looking into my eyes hoping I don't roll my eyes. Just to be annoying I roll my eyes again making him roll his eyes,

"Ashley, you're annoying as hell" he states not caring of what he said. Wow thanks? 

"When are you ever going to get my name right?" I question him.

He laughs and flips her mop of curly brown hair,

"Isn't your name Ashley?". 

"No!" I say raising my voice. He laughs and puts a t shirt over his head. He walks to the kitchen and makes himself something to eat. I walk over to sit on one of the bar stools. He takes out a spoon and starts eating, well this is awkward.

'So how's Shannon?" I say wondering. I start picking my nails waiting for a response.

"You don't like her, do you?" he questions me taking a bite of his cereal. I shrug my shoulders,

"It looks like you guys have a thing". I simply state. I watch as he chokes on his cereal,

"I dont date, I just fuck random chicks" he tells me as I cringe at the words. I roll my eyes as he laughs. 

He finishes his cereal and he leads me outside to take me home. I check my phone receiving 10 missed calls from my mother. Oh god. I go inside his car putting on my seatbelt. He puts on music, but very low. His hands rest on his lap, and his is moving with the wind. He notices me staring at me, I quickly look the other way.

Finally he takes me home, This has been the second time I've been to a party. I feel like a total slut. My stomach stills hurt from last night. Why am I such an idiot? That reminds, Liam might be at starbucks right now. I kind of feel bad leaving him with no one to talk to. I change into shorts and a T-shirt. I brush my hair and redo my makeup. 


She hands me my order very quick, I look around to find Liam. I walk down the tables looking for the browned hair boy. Where could he be? Once I find him, he's sitting in the corner. One hand has coffee, and one hand is typing away on his laptop. I make my way towards him, he sees me approach and simply smiles.

"Hey, where were you?" he says raising an eyebrow. I didn't want to lie about how I went to a party. But I didn't want him knowing I went to the party. He might think I'm weird or something. I try to speak but I'm so afraid wondering if he going to judge me.

"Some party"I say taking a drink so I don't have to talk anymore. He nods,

"I never been to a party" he frowns but smiles. I laugh,

"Good, you don't want to". He laughs and starts typing away. I'm so curious of what he's writing about. I find myself wanting to know, 

"Liam, what are you writing" I say looking over his laptop. He quickly moves the laptop away from me. That's weird?

"A book".

"What kind of book" I leading him on further,

"It's just about this random people I made up, and they fall in love, nothing much" he shrugs looking like he doesn't care. 

I smile at the thought, I would love to read.

"Interesting, can I read it when you're done?".

He shrugs unsure and pauses,

"Yeah Um, well sure" he slurs on his words. That's weird why is he acting all nervous? He types even more. I shrug and take a sip of my drink. After I'm done I start heading back to my dorm. I find Victoria laying on the bed, she smiles. Her hand is covered with her phone as she speaks to someone. I carefully walk being quiet. 

" Will, we can hangout tomorrow. You can meet my roommate Acacia". she speaks into the room. Who is Will. I smile, someone has a boy friend.

After Victoria's done speaking, I smile at her. She rolls her eyes,

"Victoria has a boy-" i say as she interrupts me.

"Shut up" she laughs. "Is it okay, that he's going to be here tomorrow?". I nod my head and smile. Victoria rambles on about what he looks like. And how be behaves. She tells me when they first kissed. I wish I had a relationship. The last time I dated someone.... Let's just say he acted like a little kid. His name was James. I push the thought back as I listen to Victoria.

I yawn knowing I'm very tired. I change into my signature pj bottoms and a t shirt. I turn the lights off. And fell asleep.


(Short chapter:() Anyways I got 71 reads. Thanks guys. But could you please likeeeee or comment:) If you do, I will literally read one your books. ) 





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