Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



7. Chapter 6


  Acacia Point of View: 


 First day of college, I could already tell it would be exciting. New teachers, New people, New college. Everything is new. I wake up rubbing my eyes, I skim through my clothes picking out something to wear. I decide on wearing a navy blue dress that I bought yesterday. I take the towel, shampoo & Conditioner, dress, and body wash. And make my way downstairs to the Community showers. I find every girl in there rushing to get into a shower. Great. Please hope their is a open shower for me. I walk down the halls looking for a shower. Almost every shower is taken. The last shower down the hall is empty. I rush down there before any other girl can take it. I close the curtains and start undressing myself, I turn on the hot water waiting for it to be hot. Once it reached my liking, I wash my body scrubbing the body water all over my body. I do that twice just making sure I smell extra good today. I make my way to my hair cleaning it with shampoo first. After I'm done washing my hair, I put in my Conditioner letting it sink into my hair. Making sure it's not knotty and it feels soft after the shower. I rinse the Conditioner out of my hair after letting it sink in for 5 minutes. I turn the faucet off, taking the towel and drying my self. I put on my dress adjusting it making sure it feels just right. I walk out of the shower looking at the huge line of girls waiting for a shower. Good thing I got a shower early, or I would never make it to college. 

I walk upstairs to my dorm finding Victoria on her bed still sleeping. I walk over to her wanting to wake her up. But she looks so peaceful. But then again, she would be late for college.

"Victoria" I clap my hands together hoping that it would work. I clap my hands a second time. She finally wakes up and starts getting dressed. I put on light makeup to match what I'm wearing. I brush my hair, then start blowdrying. So I can straighten it afterwards. After I'm done worrying about my hair, I brush my teeth. I smile in the mirror looking at myself. I put on the same toms I wore yesterday. I check the time on my phone. 6:45. 

"Victoria, I'm going to get some coffee from starbucks" I tell her. She nods at me, I close the door behind me. 

I walk out the door, the sun beaming on me. The air is warm and thin, My rush over to starbucks hoping it wouldn't be crowded. I walk inside, to my surprise it's empty. I walk over to the same lady and by surprise she knew what I was going to order. I step out of line waiting for my drink. 

"Nice seeing you here"says a familiar voice. I turn around and see the boy I met here yesterday. I stand in shock,

'I guess we both like starbucks in the morning and afternoon" I laugh, he laughs as well. Today he's wearing clothes that makes him look fancy. It's the first day of school, Cant blame him. 

"Yeah, I go here every morning, you should come early too, we could talk' he tells me taking a sip of his ice coffee. 

I nod agreeing, "Defiantly, But I like to get to class really early" I say hoping he doesn't find me boring. His eyes go wide,

"Were like the same person" he laughs. I laugh along grabbing my drink and taking a drink. 

Liam and I decided to walk to class together, After all we both are Literary together. The warm sun makes my drink dissolve into water, vanilla, and sparkles that are sugar. I take the last sip of it and throw it away at the nearest trash can. 

Once were at the college, I look around in shock. It's so big and amazing. Liam looks around in shock as well. He smiles looking around. He takes out his Schedule and skims through it.

"Room 500" he sighs hoping that were not upstairs. We start looking around, we finally found room 500. To our luck, the room is downstairs. We walk inside the room, There are a million books filling the room. Then laptops and journals on the tables. Not even the teacher is here, I laugh. Liam and I take our seat in the front, we start talking for the remainder of the time. 


The bells rings, college students run into the room picking out where their going to sit. The teacher comes in late and silences us. He takes a stick of chalk and writes his name on the chalk board. 

"Hello students, I'm Mr.Young you're Literary teacher. In this class we will be typing poems, books. Everyone has their own laptop.".

I smile at the thought of that.

"Also, you will be writing in your journals, Your journals are like your friends. You will keep them with you. You MUST bring them to class everyday. They are points to your grade. In your journals you will be writing assignments that I give you" he rambles on. 

Liam and I exchange a look.

"Todays assignment is in your journal, Does dark and light mix together? Can someone truly be so dark inside but mix well with lightness?".

I cringe at the questions he gave us. What kind of question is this? I write in my journal stating a simply no. And explaining why I said it. I look over at Liam who is writing crazily. 

"What did you say?" I ask peeking at his paper.

He looks at me and then at my paper. 

"I think it could happen" he tells me.

I look at him confused, 'What?".

He stares at me again and looks as he's about to speak. 

"Yes, Darkness and Lightness can mix". He looks at me and back at his paper. 


At the end of the class I take my Journal with me and head out the door waiting for Liam. That question still made no sense to me. Did these question have to do with relationships? I shake my head standing at the door. Liam comes out smiling at me. I smile back. 

Today has been the longest day for me. I take my binders and hurry out the class I just had. Math was not my favorite subject. I head home feeling like I walked 1 million miles. I reach my designation and put my keys through the hole. I open the door, I find Harry sitting on Victoria Bed. I can't help but ask why Harry is here.

"I'm waiting for Victoria to be here" he growls at me knowing what I was about to day. I nod sitting on my bed. 

The door swings revealing Victoria, she looks happy. She walks towards harry.

'Ready to go" she tells him. He looks at me and nods. Where are they going. Their about to leave as Victoria looks back at me.

"Wait, you didn't tell her!" says Victoria yelling at Harry.

"No Why would I tell her?" says Harry rolling his eyes. His hands on his pockets and he doesn't look up.  Wait, what are they talking about? Tell me what.

"Tell me what?" I can't help but ask them. Victoria looks up at me and nudges at Harry. He rolls his eyes for the second time.

"Were going to a party" he says in a low tone. I calm down, Oh  a party. I actually never even liked them anyways. So I wouldn't care if they didn't invite me. Actually I wouldn't even care if they didn't even tell me and kept it a secret.

'So, you wanna come?" asked Victoria. I shake my head. If I go this would be the second party I have been to. And I don't want my mom worrying that I missed school. Gosh, My mom would be pissed. I could just imagine her dragging me out of this school.


"Because my mom told  me  I'm not aloud to go to  parties, and it's already bad enough I went to that other party" I state. 

Victoria get down knees and starts pleading, "One more party, I promise" she says holding out her pinky finger. I don't want her to hate me because I don't want to go. But then again I don't want my mom dragging me out of the school.

"Sure, why not" I say looking at Harry's actions. He's shocked. 

"Okay, that dress is fine for the party" Victoria smiles as we head out the door. I could already hear the annoying pounding of the headache I'm going to have. 


The same smell of smoke and alcohol fumes my nose. I find Colton waving at me, Harry tenses up and rolls his eyes. I wave back just to make Harry mad. This time Victoria stays with me. She grabs my hand and leads me to a group of people. The group of people stare at me weirdly. I slightly smile and sit down in the circle.


"Alright losers this is Acacia, Make her feel like family" Victoria stares eyeing everyone making sure they give me respect. Victoria greets me to everyone around the circle. Now I know the blonde girl Harry is flirting with. Shannon. She laughs loudly trying to cause a scene. Harry and her laugh together and start kissing. I roll my eyes as I watch everyone in the circle play a game.

"What game are you guys playing?" I ask wondering.

"Truth or dare, Are you going to play?, or you're going to sit there all innocent" Shannon snarls putting a red cup around her lips. Gosh, she already annoys me.

"Who said I wasn't playing?" I smile at her. she rolls her eyes at me kisses Harry even more. Victoria smiles at me, "It's so fun, trust me".

I sigh watching as they Niall asked, Zayn 'Truth or Dare'. Zayn picked Dare. Niall smiles, "I dare you to make out with that girl" Niall points to a thin brunette. She looks very young and she also pretty.

"You don't have to tell me" Zayn laugh licking his lips and going towards the girl. Poor girl. 

"Truth or Dare, Acacia" says Shannon smiling flipping her blonde hair. As I'm about to pick truth, I know I would of picked a bad choice. As much as that shannon girl annoys me, I'm going to have to pick a daring choice.

"Dare" I simply stare. Shannon smiles and claps her hands together. She has a red cup full of alcohol. She laughs,

"I dare you to have this whole cup, Someone told me you haven't had alcohol before" she smiles.

"Shannon" Harry warns her. Shannon rolls her eyes.

"It's fine, It's a dare, how bad can it be?" I say snatching the red cup from her large hands. She looks at me waiting for me to drink it. I look at the red cup, it's full of alcohol. Alcohol, the thing my mother warned me about. Well, let's just get this over with. I close my eyes and take a big gulp. And then another big gulp. Then another big gulp making me finish my drink. 

Shannon laughs, I stand wobbling towards the table. All this wine is making me-



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