Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



6. Chapter 5


 Acacia Point of View: 

Shaking, shaking, someone shaking me. I try opening my eyes but nothing happens. Who is Shaking me? The same words the person saying repeats itself. I move a little trying to hear the words, 

"Ashely wake up" they repeat, I open my eyes looking at the figure at me. His face has blood on it, his hair is messy. Eyes bloodshot, he looks tired as he sits up. Harry stands up, I notice that he doesn't have a shirt on. I can't help look, his toned abs were very muscular. I put my hands on my head knowing I have a headache. My heads starts pounding heavily, What happened last night? I can't help but ask that question, I watch as he puts a shirt on and looks towards me. His eyes stare into mine, 

"What are you staring at?" he growls at me changing back into his mood. I gulp and put a stand of hair behind my ears. He looks at me waiting for an answer, I feel the words coming out but they don't. What's wrong with me?,

"Wh-at Happened L-ast night"? I spit out the words as it comes out as a annoying squeak. He comes towards me and sits on the ground, but not beside me. 

"This old fucker wanted to have bang you, and I didn't want to be a dick and not help you" he huffs looking at me. I gulp, remembering the flash backs. I remember I was scared, and he was so strong and I couldn't do anything. He could of raped me, I try to push the thoughts away. 

"Thank you" I whisper hoping he could hear, he doesn't say anything. He looks down at me observing what I'm wearing. I still had my small black dress on. He shakes his head,

"Do you need me to take you to your dorm?" he snaps at  me making me have goosebumps. I gulp again looking back at him, he defiantly frightens me. 

"Well" he waits for me to answer, I'm decided on if I want to even go in the car with him. He's so rude and demanding. Maybe I should walk home? But then again I'm wear a small black dress. 

"Yeah, um can I just fix up" I say putting my hands on my forehead hoping the headache stops. He nods as I walk down the hall to the bathroom. I look around the halls finding people laying on each other. I cringe as I close the bathroom door behind me. I turn the lights on and face my way to the mirror. I look at myself, I looked like a hot mess. My curly hair was messed up, and my makeup was dropping down my eyes. I splash water onto my face, wiping the droopy makeup off. I fix my hair putting it into a braid. I fix my dress, and give myself another look in the mirror.

I scurry out of the bathroom hoping that I didn't keep Harry waiting for so long. Wait why do I care? I roll my eyes as I find him talking to this blonde girl. She was wearing black shorts and a crop top, her eyes were the color of the ocean. Her hair was messy but it looked good. Harry finds me looking at him, The blonde girl turned around to see who Harry had his attention on. 

She stares at me and laughs,

I look at the ground waiting for Harry to be done talking to whoever that blonde girl is. I sit impatiently on the couch waiting for him to be done. I look over finding Colton heading out the door. He sees me and walks towards me,

"Hey do you have a ride?" he asks me with worried eyes. His hair is a mess and he looks tired. Probably because he has been working too hard at his job . Or because, I pause for a moment cringing at that though. His shirt is wet and his eyes are bloodshot. I'm deciding on if I should tell him that Harry is my ride. But Harry flirting with that one girl, I guess I can change plans.

"Actually No". I say hoping he's willing to give me a ride. I feel my legs giving up on me. Colton smiles and takes his keys from his pocket and leads me outside. I feel the cool air soothing me, I can actually breathe. It feels nice since I just been at a party. I walk over to his car, his car is a black truck. He opens the car door for me -

"Ashely, you're riding with me" said a sharp voice from behind. Great, just as I was getting into Colton's car. I turn around finding Harry, he doesn't have that girl beside him anymore. His hands are in his pockets. And he has a frown on his face. 

"It's Acacia, and no I'm riding with Colton" I say pointing to Colton. Colton waves looking frightened  at Harry's action. Why is everyone so afraid of Harry? I roll my eyes.

"Whatever, you're riding with me, get in the car now" he points to his black car. He's so demanding. I look back at Colton, he's staring at me and looks like he doesn't know what to do.

"Harry, You were busy with Shannon and didn't give a care in the world for Acacia, She's riding with me now". I stare at Colton smiling, Finally someone stands up to Harry. Harry looks pissed off, his hands are looking like their about to punch Colton. Harry comes charging towards me and takes my hands. He pulls me towards his car and pushes me into it. My wrists are now swollen. 

He starts the engine and I look back at Colton, he stares at me giving me a "Be safe" look. I nod my head trying to avoid whatever this stranger has to say to me,

"Colton an asshole, dont hang around him" he speaks looking at the road then back at me.

I simply Laugh,

"I could say the same thing about you, and Colton is so sweet" I tell him looking out the window hoping this conversation would end.

"Ha-ha, Colton is not sweet, use wait" he threatens me. I roll my eyes keeping my eyes on the window. Harrys turns the music on, I listen to the song closely. This song sounds similar to me,

"I love this song" I blurt out covering my mouth. 

He doesn't speak, instead he turns it off and keeps his eyes on the road. Ok.... 

"Me too". he whispers 


Finally Harry takes me home, It's been a long day and all I want to do is go get myself hot chocolate. Or explore the college and the stores. First, I need to get myself out of this itchy dress. I take the dress off leaving me in my undies and bra. I get dressed into jeans, light baby blue tank top with a cardigan. Then a white scarf to top it off. I brush my hair getting the knots out from last night. I leave my hair wavy and start doing my makeup. I put on light makeup as a tad of Chapstick. I put on my toms on, they are white and lacy. I check the mirror looking at my appearance. I fix my hair and I'm ready to go, I look around the room wondering where Victoria is. Is she still at the party? I shake my head not trying to remind myself of that terrible party. I head out the door locking the room. I walk outside, the flowers have blossomed and it looks absolutely  beautiful. I make my way to StarBucks eager to get a drink.

"1 Vanilla bean Frappe" I tell the the kind lady behind the counter. She punches in my orders and yells next. I stand in land patiently in line, I notice that this guy kept staring at me. He notices me and smiles.

"It's so busy today" he huffs laughing as I take a liking to his accent. He stare up at me with warm brown eyes. His hair is light brown, shaved low but it looks good on him. He's wearing a white shirt with a brown jacket then jeans. 

I nod, "Yeah it is" I say looking at the massive line of people ordering their drinks . And the massive line of people waiting for their drinks. I feel the urge to ask him what his name is. 

"Liam" he says knowing what I was thinking. He shakes my hands waiting for me to tell him what my name is.

"Acacia" I tell him.

"Acacia, Can I see your schedule?" he asks me. I look at him confused. He notices my confusion and laughs,

"My bad, Schedule for classes'. I nod looking into my small bag reaching for the small white piece of paper. Once I found it, I hand it to him. He takes it from me and starts reading it.

"Were in Mr.Young's literary class" he smiles at me. I smile back, At least now I know someone that in my class. I watch as I hear his name being called from the workers. He walks ups to the lady and grabs his drink. 

"I'll see you later Acacia' he waves and leaves the store. I simply was back and smile. Great. I have 3 friends already. Victoria, Colton, Liam. I smile, I thought I never would have friends. But I was wrong. I feel the butterflies in my stomach as I reach to the topic of college. I'm really hoping the professor is nice. But then again, It's college and it's going to be hard. 

'Acacia" said the young lady calling my names breaking me from my thoughts. I blink walking up to her and receiving my drink. I thank the lady and walk outside looking at the other stores I could Visit. Forever 21, American Apparel, Brandy Melville. I think I'm in love. I take a sip of my vanilla sugary drink. 


I bought few outfits from each store with money that my mother gave me. I can't wait to wear these! It starts getting dark and I know I need to be home early so I can get a good night sleep. Gosh, First day of College is tomorrow. I gulp and walk home carefully, car past me fuming with music. I cover my ears and walk farther. A familiar car parks in front of me, Wait I know that car. It's Harry.

"Need a ride?" he asks me pulling down the window so I can see him. I feel myself getting cold and I still had a long way to go. He looks at me waiting for an answer. 

I walk towards his car and jump inside putting on my seatbelt. He starts driving and puts on low music.

"What are you doing out here so late?' he questions me wanting an answer. It's not even late outside. I check my phone. 10:20. Never mind, I guess it is late.

"Shopping". He nods 

"What are you doing out here so late?" I say, now it's my time to question him.

He rolls his eyes, 

"That's none of your business" he snaps at me. 

"Ok,I was just asking" I say looking out the window. 

He drops me off at my dorm. Gosh it's been the second the time he has taken me home. Before I could say thank you he already left. I shrug walking up the stairs to my dorm. I open the door finding Victoria on her bed. She looks tired. She looks ups at me,

"Hey girl, where have you been?". She lays up and looks towards at my bags. 

'Lucky bitch" she simply states knowing I been shopping. I laugh way too loud and I try covering it. She looks through the bag actually liking the clothes I bought. I change into a pair of sweatpants and I decide to keep my tank top on. I slide into bed pulling the covers on me.

"What are you doing?" Victoria says looking at me confused. I laugh,

'Going to bed, First day of college tomorrow" I say making sure she remembered. She nods and lays into her bed. I turn the lights off, I yawn slightly and I then and there I fall asleep.


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