Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



5. Chapter 4.


Finally Harry leaves the room so Victoria and I can get ready for the party. Victoria skims through her closet dragging out a red tube top with a slutty black skirt. She smiles liking her appearance. I smile lightly hoping I don't hurt her feelings. She gets dressed twirling around, 

"Ta-da" she shrieks giving me a headache. Her hair is past her shoulders and her skin is pale. Then her makeup is heavy. She looks at me for a compliment,

"You look good" I cough spitting out the words. I have nothing else to say. I didn't want to tell her that her outfit is slutty. I shut my mouth as she smiles and twirls around. 

"Now, you defiantly need something to wear!" she says going to her closet, I stop her quickly.

I walk over to my bags, dragging out the long flower dress which was my mom's when she was my age. I put the dress in front of me, so Victoria could observe it.

Victoria laughs, "Honey, You can't wear that" she says admittedly trying not to hurt my feelings. Ouch. 

'Why not?". 

"It's a party not some sort of wedding" she laughs pointing to the dress. 

"We'll I think it's pretty to wear to a party" I say proving my opinion. Victoria shakes her head and starts heading to her closet. She digs through her clothes. She scans closely. After a few minutes, Victoria pulls out a small mini black dress. I laugh very loudly at her choice. She's real funny.

"You actually think I'm going to wear that?" I laugh. She looks confused. 

"Yeah, why not?".

"Because it's way too small, I'm not giving everyone a show" I huff ..

Victoria looks like she's going to loose her mind. She takes a deep breath..

"C'mon Acacia, it's a party for crying out loud!"she whines in my ear. 

After whining and yelling and whining and yelling. I finally gave up.

"Give it" I snatch it out of her hands. I make my way towards the bathroom pulling the dress onto my body. I observe my self, I look like a total slut. 

"Hurry up" yelled Victoria across the other room.

"I look like a complete slut" I whine hoping she understands. 

I walk out the door walking towards her, I angrily twirl around. Victoria looks speechless,

"Girl you look hot, all the boys are going to go crazy over you" she clasps her hands together.


After several whining, Victoria does my makeup. I turn around looking in the mirror. My makeup is dark matching my black dress. Instead I don't complain, I complain too much. I curl my hair and put on lipstick.

"Harry will be meeting us at our door" says Victoria looking at herself in the mirror.

Great. Harry.

A loud knock startles me as Victoria and I walk over to the door. She opens the door revealing Harry. He's wearing regular clothes, nothing fancy. He looks at Victoria, then at me. He looks shocked as he sees me. 

"Let's go" he snaps changing into his mood. We walk downstairs and outside to his car. He doesn't open the door for us knowing he wouldn't do it anyways. He turns the music on avoiding Victoria from talking to him. 


The house is huge, filled with college students inside. I gulp my hands shaky. We walk inside, the smell of smoke coming across my nose. I cough loudly. People are all ready making out with each other. I cringe looking to my side. Okay so, Victoria promised me she would stay with me this entire time. As we walk further inside the house, Victoria disappears. Just great. I make my way over to the bar and take a seat. 

"Can I help you?" ask the boy staring at me while smiling.

"With what?" I ask confused staring into his blue eyes.

"A drink, what can I get you?" He says flirting with me. No one has even flirted with me before. Probably because I'm wearing a small dress outfit and heavy makeup.

"Water please" I simply answer.

"Sure" he smiles and then hands me a bottle of water. I take a sip, it's cold and it''s fine nice since the air is hot and sweaty.

'So, what's your name I haven't seen you before?" . he says sitting next to me as he ditches his job. 

"I'm Acacia, and I'm new".

"Oh right, I'm Colton" . he flips his hair. 

He begins to talk- 

as he gets interrupted by people shouting, We both walk over to the crowd. And of course I'm not tall I try to stand on my tippy toes. I move around to get a good view of whats happening. Once I found a good view, my eyes are glued. 

"Someone make them stop fighting" yelled Victoria. I watch as Harry punches this other brown haired boy in the jaw. Harry knocks him on the ground and throws more punches. He's going to kill him. I watch as no one helps the other boy. 

I quickly go towards Harry as Colton grabs my wrist,

"What the hell are you doing?" he asks me with wide eyes.

"I'm going to stop the fight" I tell him, he grabs my wrist again but I let go.

I walk towards Harry, he sees me but still goes on fighting. I pull him back but he's stronger than I am. I look at the other boy with worried eyes. He's totally bleeding, gushing blood. 

As Harry throws a punch I quickly moved the poor boy out of the way. Harry hands hit the ground.

"What the hell Ashley, get your ass out of the way" he warns me.

"It's Acacia" I roll my eyes.

Victoria quickly gets the poor boy and starts and calls for the ambulance, "Acacia wrap cloths around Harry's knuckles" she tells me.

Why am I stuck with him? He leads me upstairs into a room.


"Does that hurt?" I ask patting down the cloth on his fingers hoping I don't hurt him. 

"Yes fuck it does, God move you don't even know how to the put the god damn cloth on". he yells at me.

I'm quickly frighten of his actions.

"I'm trying to help you, if you don't need help then I'm leaving" I say.

He stares at me, 

"Well leave then" he huffs,

I throw the cloth at his face and slam the door, last time I'm helping someone

"Where are you going?" asked a drunk man leaning against me.

"Get off of me" I say.

"I just want some fun" he snarls, I push him but he's stronger then me. 

He grabs me and pushes me on the ground.

I hear a sudden sound, I'm frighten that my senses knocked me out.

 I watch as someone punches the old guy, but I can't quite remember who........








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