Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



4. Chapter 3.

"Where-s V-ictoria" I said stuttering my words. 

He ignores me.

"Where's Victoria?" I ask him with anger in my voice.

"Obviously not here" he simply states rolling his eyes. 

"U-hm excuse me, can you leave so I can get dressed?" I ask him kindly. He turns his head staring at me about to say something. He closes his mouth and doesn't say anything. He goes back to his phone. 

"Please, can you leave so I can get dressed?" I repeat with more of a demanding voice. 

How difficult is it to leave?

"Dont flatter yourself, Just get dress, I'm not going to look at you" he said not making eye contact with me. Which I could care less, He's a jerk. 

I feel impatient, I know he's not going to move. I take a deep breath, "Don't look" I warn him. 

"I wouldn't if I wanted to" he snarls. I roll my eyes unrevealing my towel from my tiny body. I cover myself up with my hands incase he looks. I grab my bra, putting it on, then my underwear. I change into a long skirt and a flowery shirt with a white cardigan. "I'm done" I tell him.

He doesn't turn his head, instead he's glued to his phone. I grab my dirty clothes and put them into the hamper. I brush my hair and then start blow drying it. I could tell he was angry because he was closing his ears with his hands. 

"Turn that shit down" he said annoyed looking at me with his eyebrow raised seeing if I was going to turn it down. First of all he can't just boss me around. Instead of listening to him, I blow dry my hair even more. He growls looking at me.

He walks towards me, "Turn it down now" he points to it. I stare back at him wanting to answer him. 

"This is not your dorm, I can do whatever I want. If you have a problem then leave" I spit realizing I just said it.

He looks at me and smirks, his smirk turns into a laugh. He starts laughing hard, his voice deep and his dimples sticking out. Why is he laughing? It wasn't even funny? I stare watching him as he laughs. What do I do? He starts to stop and goes back on his phone.

The door swings in Victoria, her eyes are red and she looks very tired. 

"Hey sorry, I just got back from a hangover" she states pushing Harry of the bed so she can lay down. 

I don't answer her, I pick at my nails hoping she would say something. She looks at Harry and I. 

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Acacia I told Harry that he could come over, I should of warned you" she says knowing Harry is rude.

"It's fine".

Victoria takes a sip of her water and putting her frizzy hair up into a bun. 

She starts talking to Harry and they laugh together, "So how long have you guys been dating?" I ask looking back and forth at both of them. Harry rolls his eyes, and Victoria starts bursting out laughing.


"Though we were.."

"Dating.." she finally spits out after laughing so hard. 

"We'll yeah, you guys hangout a lot" I tell her.

She laughs again, "Were just friends" she says putting an arm around Harry. He looks annoyed and quickly takes Victoria's arm off of his.

Victoria looks surprised, "Yeah Harry is always on his man period" she simply laughs.

"Shut up Victoria" he says nudging her. 

I laugh as Harry stares at me with his green eyes. I admittedly stop laughing. 

"Acacia, There's a party tonight, you in?" she offers me.

I shrug lightly, "I'm not the party type" I state knowing it's true. And that my mom warned me about parties. 

'Please, please, please". Parties won't hurt you? You're in college now. Victoria pleads with puppy dog eyes.

"Come on Victoria, you know this girl isn't going to show up at the party" he laughs is accent deep. I always wanted to ask him where's he's from. His mocking grin pushes me to prove him wrong.

"Actually I'll come" I say smiling and look towards at Harry. Harry laughs again and Victoria squeals jumping on me and dancing. 

"Yay, were going have so much fun!!" she shrieks.


I sure hope she is right. 


(Next chapter will be really long, but for you guys to read the next chapter.....) I want all of you to like this book. 

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