Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



3. Chapter 2.


"Here we are!" my mom squeals with her most annoying voice. I'm taken away by the buildings. It's much better in person than on the brochures. The buildings are navy blue and white symbolizing our color. I scan my eyes finding students hugging their parents goodbye. 

We walk into the building together, the lobby smelled like sweet honey. Which reminds me, I'm starving. I cover my stomach hiding the hideous growl of my stomach. We walks towards the lady at the front desk. She smiles and greets her self. 

"Name please?".

I flinch, "Acaci-a Acacia" I say spitting out the words. She stares at me, then back at her computer. 

She hands me the keys, my mother stops me as I was walking.

"Honey, Do you want me to walk with you to your dorm?" she asked me in one of her sweet tones.

"No mom, I'm not in 2nd grade" I roll my eyes at her clearly stating she's bugging me.

"My little girl  going to college, It feels like you were 2 yesterday" my mom states as she cries making her makeup drippy. 

"Mom..." I tell her making sure she doesn't embarrass me.

"I'm sorry".

I smile at her as she reaches me for a hug.

"Acacia, I love you".

"Love you too" I mumble.

"Remember no parties, no alcohol, no boys" she says pointing her finger at me. I nod my head as she leaves. I observe my key looking for the number.

"B13' I say out loud. I walk down the halls looking at other student adjust to their new room. I wonder what my roommate will be like? 

I slide my keys into the hole opening the door. I close it, with a gasp coming out of my mouth. 

A boy with brown curls stares at me then back at his phone. Wait.. I have a boy as a roommate.

"U-hm, this is room B13, right?" I say hoping he would tell me it's not.

"Yeah, why wouldn't it be?" he said in a rude tone.

I watch him as he goes on his phone. I stare at his features. Mop of brown curly hair, Tattoos, Piercings, And a bad attitude. The door swings revealing a girl with the same features the boy has. I'm frighten as she looks at me with her bright green eyes.

"Oh were are my manners, I'm Victoria you're roommate" she tells.

I wipe the nerviness off my back, I really thought I had a boy for a roommate. 

"H-ey I'm Acacia". I stutter on my words fixing them quickly. 

"Welcome roommate to college, Be ready for parties, boys, alcohol" she giggles. 

I don't answer her, Well really I have no clue what to say. She stares at me and laughs,

'Right you're a good girl".

"That's not true" I say in a whisper. 

The brown haired boy leaves not even making eye contact.

Victoria nods smiling and starts looking at my outfit. Today I was wearing a dress which is navy blue. What's so wrong with it.


Later that night I call my mom telling her about things so far. I don't tell her about my roommate. If she knew she had one tattoo, I would move dorms. I start taking my binders, folders, textbooks, pencils, pens out. After all I need to get ready for college. I sort my supplies in a pile. Pile for Literature, Pile for geography. I feel my eyes giving up on me. I slide into my pj's and climb into my small dorm bed. 



Next morning, I wake up feeling tired and gross. My hair is a mess and I defiantly need a shower. I remembered that I have to go downstairs to get a shower. At the Community showers. Yuck. I look around not finding Victoria. I wonder where she is? I write her a note stating I'm getting a shower. I grab a towel and head downstairs. As I walk inside the heat lands on my forehead from the showers. Once I find an open shower, I quickly jump in turning on the hot water. I turn around every 2 seconds feeling that someone might open the curtains.

I wash my hair as well as my body. The hot water relaxes me and makes me less tired. I hum softly and quickly stop. After my shower, I look for my towel to dry myself off. I reach for my clothes as I realized I didn't bring any.

"You got to be kidding me!" I say panicking. My hands reach for the towel. I scurry out of the showers and start running to my dorm. Thank goodness no one saw me. That would be embarrassing. I quickly put my keys through the hole opening the door.


I walk inside finding the brown haired boy sitting on Victoria's bed. What is he doing here?




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