Perfect life... that is until someone came into her life.



2. Chapter 1.


   Acacia Point of View: 

  I tense a little staring back at the beautiful place I have been living in. White thick house, green grass, perfect neighborhood. I smile taking my fingers and carefully touching the broken door. I remember I was only a child playing soccer. As clumsy as I was, I kicked the ball leading to the door. Only did I know, the door was broken. I walk past my bedroom getting a close look. Light tan walls with my bed, desk, inside. I walk in closer realizing how big my bedroom was. I sit on my bed enjoying the soft cushion. I look around once more, 19 years. It's been 19 years already? It's only feels like I'm only in 7th grade. I hear a soft cough making me turn my head.


 "Ready?" my mother says looking at my actions. 

"Yes" I say my voice squeaking. 

I take my bins in my hands carrying it to the car. My mom locks the door behind me. The wind feels like it knocked me. It feels like this isn't my home anymore. I turn back just getting one more glance until I go. Yes, It's been 19 years.

As I walk inside the car butterflies fly into my stomach making me queasy. 

Thoughts burst into my head. Will I like college? Is it fun? Important question, Will I made friends?


(This is a preview, so don't be rude)


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