Let's Hear It For The Boy.

Don't ever fall in love again. That's what Kris always told herself after she lost the love of her life to a drunk driver. It won't last, it never does. Something always happens. You'll just get hurt. She'd repeat that over and over again in her head before she went to bed every night. But when she goes away to college and meets a special boy, she changes her mind.


3. Coping.

    It's been almost a year since Josh was killed. And with each passing day, I miss him more and more. In movies and books they make getting over the loss of a loved one look so easy. But in reality, it's not easy at all. It's the hardest thing in the world. I don't know how other people do it, because I seriously can't. I never stop thinking about him. Ever. It's really hard, especially not this other boy has started to show some interest in me. I know that Josh would want me to be happy and move on without him, but I don't see how I ever can.  

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