Centenary commemeration

to commemorate 100 years since the start of the first world war


2. Do you remember?

Do you remember it anymore? The dragging days, the numb nights?

Do you ever stop and think about those whom you owe everything to?

The boys that went off so happy, so go lucky and came back a shell,

not men in the sense we know; old men and decrepit beyond their years.

Do you ever stop and say thank you for what they gave for us?

Or are you, like everyone else, hiding behind the idea of normality.


Do you remember it? Those still dawns the peace before the storm?

Do you ever stop to thank those we owe our freedom to?

None of those boys we so gladly sent off to the war came back,

bodies came back but not those happy lads they all died, all of them,

the first day there ended them all, they died but their bodies came back

Sometimes they seemed whole but they never were, do you understand?


Do you remember it anymore? The agonising age before a battle began?

Do you ever stop and contemplate the hell we sent the boys to?

The men who came back we didn’t understand they weren’t the same

they were the shells of the boys we knew before the ‘jolly old war’.

Can we blame their bitter hate after we sent them to die in hell?

They go through the motions like you move through the steps of a dance.


Do you remember it anymore? The young dead men eaten by old ratty?

Do you ever stop your life and try to walk a mile in their old army boots?

In the dark of night they awake shivering, in a cold sweat, in their beds,

they cry in private for the horrors that their young minds tried to endure.

They are haunted by the faces of hundreds men they watched die ,

they sit and pray for the souls of men they shot and the family left behind.


Do you remember it anymore? The survivors of the war who would never live again?

Do you ever stop of your own accord and recall the horrors those boys faced?

The men who lost limbs and could never live normally, who face pity everyday.

The men who were scarred disfigured and destroyed from the outside in.

The men who simply shut down unable to cope with what they saw in hell,

These men receive pity. They deserve more than pity they deserve understanding


Stop now and think about the men we send off today to war on foreign ground,

the men we send to their deaths for war leaves no one alive only animated bodies.

Can you honestly say that you know what they are going through in a foreign field ?

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