Centenary commemeration

to commemorate 100 years since the start of the first world war


1. One Hundred years

One hundred years that’s what the calendar on the wall tells me.
One hundred years since the declaration of start of the jolly old war.
One hundred years since the start of the war later called the Great War.
One hundred years since the start of the war now called World War One.
One hundred years have passed since we tossed men into a black hell.


I wonder if your ghosts found their way to English shores, home shores.
I wonder if you look down and see the world you fought for, died for.
I wonder if what you slowly tears at your soul, tears at your heart.
I wonder do you regret the war you fought in, do you regret fighting.
I wonder looking down are you glad you died in that awful war.


So much has changed since that era in which you marched off to war.
So much has changed; the morals you held dear have fled to the wind.
So much has changed; the national spirit, national pride has died away.
So much has changed; the camaraderie you had died in the trenches.
So much has changed and yet our lives still start and finish like yours.


What did that terrible war mean to you the solider, commander, man?
What did you fight for as you stood in the muck, the rats and the cold?
What was it that kept you fighting battle after bloody battle on and on?
What did the war that you fought in died in and loved in mean to you?
What do you think when you look down was it all worth the cost?


One hundred years since that awful war, and yet, we still fight today.

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