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  • Published: 12 May 2014
  • Updated: 12 May 2014
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1. Tears

~~The salty taste tingles across my tongue,
as its tip brushes across the bead of
moisture that has gathered on my lip.
A tear that now diffuses across my pallet.


Its salty track dries hard on my cheek.
It blurs my eyes till the world is a mass
of indistinguishable colours and forms.
It stings covering my eyes till they burn.


My nose turns red till it seems to glow.
My eyes puff till they feel glued shut.
I look in the mirror and a monster
sits there blinking back at me.


The monster in the mirror is me.
It’s the me you made when you
caused another scar on my heart,
When you tore our love to shreds.


You did this to me, shattered me.
Shattered me as you have done
so many times before. A scar for
Every time. Now my reflection is…


My reflection is the monster you made me

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