Goodbye Means Gone

After being beaten within an inch of her life by her Uncle, Sapphire leaves everything behind. A few years later she has made it into the Canadian wilderness. She survives with the help of her friends Reid, Cole, and Thomas. Sapphire thinks she has escaped until she finds out her aunt has died, leaving her baby cousin at the hands of a monster. She heads back with her friends to try to help her cousin. Will she be able to save her in time? Or will her Uncle kill her first?


1. My Story.

My name is Sapphire. I'm fifteen years old, but sometimes I feel much older. My parents died when I was six. I was sent to my Aunt and Uncle to be taken care of. Of course, that didn't happen.

I was beaten, and left to starve in their basement. Locked in there for weeks at a time, I would write to pass the time. I invented a code that only I could read. I wrote in a separate room that led off the basement, until Uncle found out. 

He nearly killed me. I lay on the stone floor, soaked red with blood, hoping for a miracle. Then I noticed that the window to the basement had rusted hinges. Summoning the last of my strength, I escaped. Now I live deep in the Canadian forests, with my friends. 

I looked up from writing to see Reid cutting firewood, wearing nothing but overalls. He looked at me and grinned; his blue eyes sparkling with mischief. He moved his dark hair out of his eyes so he can see the scene that is about to unfold.

Cole comes trotting up and sits down on the log that sits up against the rock face. He quickly stands back up saying,

"What is that?!"

Reid and I had placed black berries under some leaves, so that when he sat down they would get all over his pants. We started laughing and picked up some shirts we had filled them up with as well. I squished them and threw it at him. It splashed purple mess all over him, staining his light blonde hair a deep purple. Reid threw his, but instead of aiming for Cole he hit me. My whole body was the color of a grape. 

We were smearing the rest of the berries on each other when Thomas showed up. We stopped dead in our tracks and stared at his red face. Thomas started yelling.

"What is wrong with you three?! Those berries were the only harvest we we're going to get this year! Now what are we going to use to make preserves?! Why can you just grow up? I am the only one bringing money in and we have to use that for clothes and to pay bills! We have to eat you know! Now get this cleaned up and go find something for us to eat tonight, and don't come home until you have a decent amount of food!"

We cleaned up and headed out into the forest to find something for dinner.


Reid, Cole, and I came back a few hours later with our haul. Thomas was satisfied, so we actually got through dinner with minimal lecturing. After that we took turns using our only bathroom to get ready for bed. 

Our tiny house only had one bathroom and two extremely small bedrooms. Reid and Cole shared a room. Thomas slept on the couch, so that I could have my own room. I told him every night that he could trade with me, but he  would shake his head and tell me to go to sleep. I would protest by trying to stay awake in the chair, but I always fell asleep. I'd wake up the next morning in my bed.


The next day I was sitting on the riverbank when Thomas came over and sat down beside me. 

"Hey.", he said.

"Hey.", I responded.

"What are you doing?"



I pulled out a letter that had somehow found its way to me.

"This." I started reading it out loud. "Dear Sapphire, I know where you are and I wanted you to know that your Aunt is dead. She was getting on my nerves, so I got rid of her. Now, I want you to come home.Of course, I knew you would say no. Would your response be the same if I told you that before Joan died she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl? I think she'll grow up to be a lot like you. If she even survives, that is. If you come home then I'll let her go, and keep you. You already know what I'm capable of, so I won't have to teach you again. Better hurry. Signed, Uncle Ronnie. P.S. Tick Tock."

We sat in silence for a moment. Then Thomas asked,

"Will you go back?"

"I guess I don't have a choice. After all, I won't be staying."

"What do you mean?"

"Goodbye means gone, and I plan to keep it that way."

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